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Soon-to-be Freshmen in College =D! IUP w00t!
Well....I'm 17 years old. I love to play the piano (going on 7 years now), draw (heh), and write weird stories. Um...i think that's it.... oh, i'm gonna major in Computer Sciences (BS) and minor in Communication Media =D

Nihon e ikitaiiiii.....

*sigh* oh well, that's all, tata!

quote of the moment: "Fish are friends, not food!" ~ From Finding Nemo

check out my stories at **my sn is Mirai no Hope**
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thumbnail yay for perspective! XD really love the bg *nod nod nod*
Jun 26, 2003
thumbnail lol it does look three d if you stare at it.....dude....
Jun 26, 2003
thumbnail i agree with everyone else. how couldn't you like it? this is awesome =D! and you did a good job ...
Jun 26, 2003
thumbnail shiny..*stares at jasmine's hair* o.o...

god this is gorgeous! i bet aladdin is all but bathing ...
Jun 26, 2003
thumbnail it looks like you painted this on canvas...simply amazing...i love how you have all the colors softe...
Jun 19, 2003
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