watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 50 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Noremac (Dec 6, 2005)
my winter clothings
Noremac (Dec 6, 2005)
drawn in 16 min
Noremac (Dec 6, 2005)
drawn in 56 min
celluloid shading :D
Noremac (Dec 6, 2005)
drawn in 37 min
tyreal wings :D
kristine (Dec 6, 2005)
woot, i like the background. :)
Creature201 (Dec 7, 2005)
Nifty Cowboy.
Agoylis (Dec 7, 2005)
lol neato cammo or cam whatever pretty awesome but I NEED TO BE PLAYIN DND SOOOOON GAAAAAAAAH
angel_of_darkness (Dec 7, 2005)
cool. i like it alot i wish that i could draw that well
Punky (Dec 7, 2005)
I adore the background. The red and white makes a good contrast. :)

My winter gear isn't half as cool. :(
ChocolateMoose (Dec 7, 2005)

^ utterly pointless comment...
inatyrb (Dec 9, 2005)
Cam... your a loser. Lol. Jk, I love you anyways!
15grifficorntears (Dec 10, 2005)
my man is not a loser you bloodthirsty stalker!
Agoylis (Dec 13, 2005)
OOOOOOOOOOH BRYTANI GOT OWNED love the colors to cam
Noremac (Dec 13, 2005)
now now children, save the fighting for recess. dont want any of that crap here
Agoylis (edited Dec 13, 2005)
man i have to sit in time out come on unfair put them in timeout too
inatyrb (Dec 25, 2005)
gah... whatever...
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