watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 33 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
Me in anime, also I'm half tiger
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
drawn in 26 min
JESSI (Nov 11, 2005)
thats pretty awesome like the shirt ! ....yeah i suck at anime ....your pretty good at it though
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
Thanks ^^
RewindButton (Nov 11, 2005)
Pretty tight. =D
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
Thankies =)
hideyourface (Nov 11, 2005)
I think you should practice drawing normal eyes, then compare regular anime eyes to those, because the eyes you're drawing are WAY to abstract compared to the rest of the head.
mybettastorm (Nov 11, 2005)
I love this pic, your best yet!
woah_pockster (Nov 11, 2005)
You're getting a bit better. yeah like hideyourface said, practice with the eyes first and the move onto perfecting ofther features.
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
Thanks Hideyourface! And Storm :)
mybettastorm (Nov 11, 2005)
I think that in animie you can draw heads and eyes any way you want... they dont have to be real-like! GREAT JOB Fobix! ^^
Fobix (Nov 11, 2005)
drawn in 7 min
hideyourface (Nov 11, 2005)
they're not supposed to eb realy because its a cartoon. but her eye hardly even looked like an eye.

yeah it looks a bit better now. Dont make eyes any bigger than that though >.> And make sure to keep the right shape.
getting better all ze timez
its like 1:33 am here night
Zeal (Nov 11, 2005)
wow neat! you got a LOT better since your 1st pic!
Fobix (Nov 12, 2005)
Thanks :D
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