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drawn in 45 min with OekakiBBS
Showcase entry!
KolekoVee (May 23, 2002)
still fooling around.
KolekoVee (May 23, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
Cybersoft (edited May 23, 2002)
Looks realistic!
but don't you think the neck's too long?
Xodiak (edited May 24, 2002)
very pretty... he almost looks like my uncle... his neck isnt too long, its just the shirt this way. i think. very beautiful! great! >:D
kaT (edited May 24, 2002)
very nice!
grieVer5401 (edited Jun 22, 2002)
Cool! I dont get hang around a lot with potrait style but still practicing it... yeah, the neck is kinda long, but depends on people, there r peoples who have long necks.. :)
Maiko (edited Jul 23, 2002)
Knockoff (Aug 30, 2003)
Woow This is amazing! Excelent job.
Doodlibop (Sep 3, 2003)
hotzamm. that's off da heezy, man.
graywolf (Sep 21, 2003)
O.o I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
SuzieSuze (Sep 23, 2003)
wow.. I am shocked.. amazing!
Krystiana (Nov 16, 2003)
NICE job. The coloring is excellent - very nice blends and shading. ^_~
Ty854 (edited May 21, 2004)
Looks like Efrum from "Everwood"
Miss_DJ (Apr 7, 2005)
very nice painting! I think it's wonderful!
whitebunny1063 (Jul 12, 2006)
Leonardo DiCaprio!

MelissaMissy (Dec 8, 2007)
Great pic! Excellent shading!
davincipoppalag (Apr 29, 2018)
long time ago
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