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drawn in 3 hours 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Miss_DJ (Nov 1, 2005)
dream sequence in each image....i know it doesn't make sense..but it doesn't have to, that's the beauty of
Miss_DJ (Nov 1, 2005)
drawn in 48 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Nov 1, 2005)
Cool, really. I love dreaming. I get to do things in my dreams I'm not allowed to do without getting in alot of trouble. (this is going past that little pink thing up the stairs and into that tunnel.... on the other side is a room full of Gianni Bini strappy high heeled shoes, all your size, none of them will hurt your feet, and at least 16 gorgeous slave men to put them on you.) lol
Miss_DJ (Nov 1, 2005)
don't wake me up if I'm dreamin that too!!! lol
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Nov 1, 2005)
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)
Miss_DJ (Nov 1, 2005)
drawn in 47 min
the dream has twisted in an entirely strange direction
JK-Arts (Nov 1, 2005)
i can control my dreams sometimes. like i can instantly change the place, time, weather & things like that but i cannot control the people who appear in my dreams. and they appear and dissapear at random times ussaully few hours before i get up then there is less people walking around n my dreams. Its wierd but most of my dreams are fairly realistic. and like an endless world i tried to reach the end the one time i made a bike with my thoughts. i never made it to the end the ground got less stable the further i got. The world in my dreams is always similair.(things that were changed by me or others are the same the next time i dream) I dont always remember them tho.
Gemmy619 (Nov 2, 2005)
JK, i know what u mean about controling ur dreams cos i can do it too most the time, only i can control the others in them too especially if i dont like whats going on in them, its great fun too when i dream of my dream man Randy Orton :P hehe but i wont go into that lol. version 1 looks like it could be a pretty scary dream...
JK-Arts (Nov 2, 2005)
I cannot control other peoples in my dreams at all..They do what they want.
Miss_DJ (Nov 2, 2005)
Dreams are a great subject to discuss. I can relate to you, too, JK. My dreams are so vivid and involved lately, I feel like I'm in a full-length movie! About this draw..I goofed somehow with the levels feature and lost my first rendition completely.. :o( So, I'm off to do something completely different now. Just as sometimes dreams change course, this draw is bound to reflect just that.
JK-Arts (Nov 2, 2005)
Ever have day-sha'-view' ?(i can't spell it but, sound it out) ever have it i have a strange story to tell about it. I'll post it in a forum oneday when i feel like it.
Miss_DJ (edited Nov 2, 2005)
drawn in 45 min
(best viewed at 200%) Yeah, JK, it's deja vu....also a good album (CD) Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Miss_DJ (Nov 2, 2005)
drawn in 53 min
Time to wake up from this silly
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Nov 2, 2005)
The really happy face after the shoes and the gorgeous men makes sense to me, I love this whole idea... and the size you are doing it in... it's all so appealing and very much like a dream sequence.
Miss_DJ (Nov 3, 2005)
why thank you very much Mz Archer! It wasn't my original plan, but, ya gotta be flexible..which brings us, of course, full circle back to the shoes and the man...lololol (my bad)
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