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DinoFlorist (edited Nov 22, 2005)
It is time for contest week 6, and this time it is very simple! In the spirit of the holiday, draw your best halloween themed picture. It is completley open in that regard.

The Rules: Draw your best halloween themed picture. Last week, Thug won becasue the contest was about the humor, not the art, but this week it is all about the art! The best looking submission will win the prestigious week 6 award!

This contest will run effective immediatley (10/26/05 8:30pm PST) to Halloween night (10/31/05 12:00am PST). Good luck!
featherstone (Nov 16, 2005)
ahem... Dino? Oh hi :) Can we start a new contest week?
GreenEye (Nov 17, 2005)
ah, yes, I was wondering about that... ;)
fleeting_memory (Nov 21, 2005)
*waits patiently for the next contest* is it coming soon?
thug (Nov 22, 2005)
we could take the bull by the horns and make up our own contest right here. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe pet peeves or things that most annoy you.
Alex-Cooper (Nov 22, 2005)
I've wanted to do a 'drunk drawing' contest for some time now. Basic idea is, do a shitload of drinking, then draw. Person with the best picture wins my respect, and another shot. I'd also like to try a contest in which participants must draw while under the influence of mind altering substances. I think it would be really fucking cool. Or totally retarded. I suppose it depends on the person and the substance.
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