usersDana ^_^ (not day-na... dar-na)
icon Location: In the southern hemisphere, in a country at the south of Africa.... :)
Date of Birth: January 2nd, 1990 (33)
Gender: Female
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OKay, this thing needs updating... ^_^
Well, this might make it easier, for me and u!
I like...
* horses * guitars * rock music * animation * art * hanging out with friends * playing my guitar
* uh, listening to Red Hot CHili Peppers! * making people laugh * teaching people new things * learning new things!

I don't like...
* people who aren't themselves * pop music (sorry folks, just me!) * wearing makeup *seeing a shop of guitars but having no money to spend!
* being treated like an idiot * people who like to irritate others

So, yah, that's me. I'm South African, so I speak Afrikaans... it's like Dutch, but easier. So if I say JA, it means yeah!
Memo me if ya wanna collaborate!
Everybody celebrate! ^_^

UPDATE::: Hey folks, just to let you all know, I'm not gonne be as active here, since I'm doing a lot of stuff for my DeviantArt account! Take a look at it if ya like, but I'll still check here! I'm still happy to collaborate and all, so let me know if ya wanna! Cheers! ^_^
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thumbnail tis Equinus on DA... i'll drop a note on ur page! ;)
Nov 20, 2006
thumbnail Woah, this is simply beautiful! Really, it's stunning! Brilliant stuff, keep it up! ^_^
Nov 3, 2006
thumbnail Pragtig, baie mooi!! Absolutely stunning, i can almost hear the thunder! Brilliantly done, keep it u...
Oct 30, 2006
thumbnail This is pretty cool! Your toning looks lovely, just add a couple mroe dark tones! very nice indeed, ...
Oct 27, 2006
thumbnail k cool will start the bg soon! ^_^
Sep 10, 2006
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