boardsbeginnervoilet V.S. pink girl
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drawn in 39 min with Lascaux Sketch
2 versions
14 min
25 min
(Oct 26, 2005)
u go narutofan !!
evilangel (Oct 26, 2005)
drawn in 12 min
narutofan (Oct 26, 2005)
drawn in 25 min
magenta VS violet
evilangel (Oct 26, 2005)
drawn in 2 min
TA DA!!!
Fobix (Oct 26, 2005)
Your guys styles of drawing go well with eachother! ^_^ Goodjob
evilangel (Oct 26, 2005)
thank u *_^
kristine (Oct 26, 2005)
the girl at the top looks like Timmy from South Park! God job!
kitty25 (Dec 19, 2005)
AWw it sooo cool and cute in away!
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