boardsspritesSprites Series #2
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drawn in 1 hour 45 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
6 versions
1 hour 45 min
SneakyWalter (Aug 14, 2005)
Sprites! I love this board.
SneakyWalter (Aug 14, 2005)
drawn in 23 min
Ugh. Each box was painstakingly measured 16x16. Will add more sprites. I'm getting something to eat. Add if you want, Zack.
AmyLurvesRichard (Aug 14, 2005)
SneakyWalter (Aug 15, 2005)
drawn in 14 min
Dunno quite what the gray/red thing is. A weapon upgrade of some sort or maybe a mine. The blue thing is some kind of powerful laser weapon.
SneakyWalter (Aug 16, 2005)
drawn in 20 min
Animations. Someone may use if they want, I dunno if they would. Just some credit, please.
SneakyWalter (Aug 18, 2005)
drawn in 11 min
I gotta go bbs
SneakyWalter (Sep 7, 2005)
drawn in 20 min
Flags! I had applied forgetfulness to this image. Here is more stuff. I'll finish it up soon.
SneakyWalter (Sep 7, 2005)
drawn in 13 min
I don't know what else to add.
renire (Sep 9, 2005)
This looks really cool so far! :D Maybe you could try....Some little Medi-Kit/Health Pack things?
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