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drawn in 1 hour 6 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Deformed (Jul 2, 2005)
My newest charecter. He used to be really buff and look really evil. He also used to have goggles. This has some major changes. I will finish later.
Deformed (Jul 2, 2005)
drawn in 42 min
MidnightRaven99 (Jul 2, 2005)
looks great so far
Deformed (Jul 2, 2005)
Thanks Raven.
ihatelife (Jul 2, 2005)
love ya for ever
Deformed (edited Oct 28, 2005)
Shut up.
DelicateDerelict (Jul 2, 2005)
your work has come a long way from your first pieces! the detail on this is looking good!
Deformed (Jul 3, 2005)
Thanks alot D.D.!
Deformed (Jul 3, 2005)
drawn in 24 min
Almost done... I think. I had to make his pants, my sig and his logo. I also added in some cool little twirly things for a cool effect. I like them!
Xodiak (Jul 14, 2005)
Nice person, he looks threatening and powerful, although he is not really, really buff. I like his skull belt too, hehehe. >:)
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