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renire (edited Jun 24, 2005)
please may i make a collab? i know its only for intermediate, but i have a really good idea, and i promise it wont be rubbish, as it will have lots of other peoples drawings! <:l please? <:)

renires run loose!
Nyuusen (Jun 24, 2005)
Not that I have the authority to say yes, but what kind of collab?
Zack (Jun 24, 2005)
yes and no.

yes, anyone can make a collab. you don't have to post collabs on the collab board. to make any drawing into a collab, simply follow the normal process... click "add/edit users" for that picture.

and no, the collab board's standards will not be temporarily relaxed.
renire (Jun 24, 2005)
Well.......i wanted to draw a group of people, with no details, just the outline, then people could choose a person to draw the details.....and Zack, i just realised, im such a dumb ass.........sorry!!!!!!! <:D
sephiroth54321 (Jun 24, 2005)
I agree
kejoco (Jun 24, 2005)
The Iron fist of zack comes crashing down....
"Release these binding shackles" the plebs cry out
method3 (Jun 24, 2005)
Seriously, short answer is no. The long answer is yes, but if it sucks it's going to be deleted.
renire (Aug 30, 2005)
Yeah O.K, I am sorry...I will not make a collab, and sorry I didnt reply sooner, this is oooold.....
Xodiak (Aug 30, 2005)
You can make a collaboration and invite nice artists and they can help you make it good enough for Mr. Zack and Mr. Vincent. >;)
Chiyo-chan (Aug 30, 2005)
lol yah I'm not that good but I'll be happy to help if I can. =D
voodoobunny (Aug 31, 2005)
mee too mee too :P okay, I'll just make it sucky, but can't just the mods delete it if it sucks?
Shanghai (Aug 31, 2005)
they can, and probably would, but I'm sure they'd rather not have to in the first place. Just try your best, ask people what you need to improve on, and practice when you can.
renire (Sep 3, 2005)
Hmm....May I please draw a group of people, not coulored in, then other peopl can coulor and edit them please?
Shanghai (Sep 3, 2005)
didn't you already ask that earlier in the thread and get an answer from method3? o_o
SanzoGirl (Sep 3, 2005)
You don't need to ask permission, just make it. It's not like anyone is gonna delete is, unless it's under 20 minutes.
The worse people are gonna do is flame you (has been on Gaia for to long).
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