boardsintermediateit's a puff of smoke, no it's cotton candy
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drawn in 1 hour 28 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (May 9, 2003) — edit
ya right.
marcello (May 9, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Xodiak (edited May 9, 2003)
it's pubic hair! >:D
darkk_angel (edited May 9, 2003)
well... hahha.... nice thought, xodiak..... hmmmmmmmmm
forgotten-memory (edited May 9, 2003)
*twitch* um, how about...the cotton candy idea, there now...bad thoughts gone...cotton candy...good ol' fashioned, completely innocent cotton candy..yeah..
marcello (edited May 10, 2003)
darkk_angel (edited May 10, 2003)
hehehehehehe brilliant.... i really do like this piece marcello... i should add it to my collection!
Mnemosyne (edited May 10, 2003)
That's a strange colour to dye your pubic hair . . . Red I have heard of, but pink? weird.
Ari (edited May 10, 2003)
It's the cotton candy fairy disappearing in a puff of pink smoke after bringing cotton candy to all the good little children. *nods*
Sixelab (Oct 6, 2003)
its a flattened japanese pink puffy anime character sidekick!
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