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drawn in 8 hours 19 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Hakkai (Jun 15, 2005) — edit
Another Gaia Avatar. It was fun! Haven't done semi-nekkid people in a while. =D

Note to my favorite stalker: You're picture will be done by tonight. I just had to finish this one up. Started it yesterday. =P No worries.
Hakkai (Jun 15, 2005)
drawn in 13 min
Hakkai (Jun 15, 2005)
drawn in 7 hours 50 min
It did not take me THAT long. I was out with Jo3. =3
Hakkai (Jun 16, 2005)
drawn in 15 min
Done =3
Xodiak (Jun 16, 2005)
Awesome! Next, do a full-nekkid person. Your style is so great Miss! >:D
mooseflower (Jun 16, 2005)
I love the way you color. It rocks.
Urei-sama (Jun 16, 2005)
fantastic as always
mukumuku (Jun 16, 2005)
how much do you charge for them theres pruddyful avi pics? i just might have to buy one from you! awsomely amazing work as always hakkai!
Hakkai (Jun 17, 2005)
The most I've gotten from doing Avatar Art was.. 50K the least ammount is around 25K. Pick a price between the two. How ever much you think I deserve. =3
IkariIreuL (edited Jun 19, 2005)
A guy with hearts in his underwear parts and a cute cat in hand ... eh? ... ah!. >=>
Xodiak (Jun 19, 2005)
And a slave-collar, an eyepatch and a demon's tail. >:)
IkariIreuL (Jun 19, 2005)
I´m scared 0_0
squee (Jun 24, 2005)
1 word: Schmexy
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