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Dancing Nancy
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concannon (May 8, 2003) — edit
This took a depressingly long time. With a swiffer break in the middle. -_- And, worst of all I can't tell whether this is a guy or a girl. So, please god, decide for me. >_<
concannon (May 8, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
concannon (May 8, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
esne (edited May 8, 2003)
Poiple! Yummy. ^^;
Having said 'yummy' I suppose I should put in my vote that it's a guy. Even though honestly, I'd have to say it looks more like a girl. Anyway, if you can't tell, you get to use the word androgynous. Which is pretty neat-sounding. Eh heh. Shutting up now.
Xodiak (edited May 8, 2003)
it could be a hermaphrodite... Xod thinks it looks sexy >;)
ky (edited May 8, 2003)
Looks awesome. I think it should be a boy, but what do I know. It could be androgynous, if you like.
concannon (edited May 8, 2003)
Mm, yes. We'll make it a guy. Can never have too many pretty boys running around. ^^;
Xodiak (edited May 9, 2003)
now please draw more of him >;)
concannon (edited May 9, 2003)
...yes sir. *trots off* I just the computer won't be taken from me. *prays*
darkk_angel (edited May 9, 2003)
very purple... maybe it is a cogenitor? (refer to enterprise show)
Jiah (edited May 11, 2003)
Oy! Furry :D
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