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drawn in 2 hours 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 11, 2005)
Horrible luck.
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 11, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 47 min
safescene (Jun 11, 2005)
This is so original I want to rip my eyeballs out. I would print this on a t-shirt if I knew how. I can almost touch the blood...yeesh.
HunterKiller_ (Jun 11, 2005)
The rendering is insane, love it. I want to touch the blood too.
davincipoppalag (Jun 11, 2005)
Joe..this is freaking brilliant! that blood..all of it..
Zack (Jun 11, 2005)
Wow. Fantastic idea and implementation. Wow.

And what a creative way of depicting cussing.
Xodiak (Jun 11, 2005)
I like how a nice doodle becomes so horribly injured. Fantastic quality artwork. >:D
Alex-Cooper (Jun 11, 2005)
That's hilarious! Joe, if I was a chick, I'd have just been seduced. A damn fine showcase.
Kloxboy (Jun 11, 2005)
That rocks. Colorful, cool subject, excellent style!
Ty854 (edited Jun 11, 2005)
Wow. This is so cool! The shading is really smoothe, great job!
Kasha (Jun 11, 2005)
you're so good :) you should teach me someday.
solve (Jun 11, 2005)
ouch. compound factures make me want to break a leg. where can i buy that shirt hes wearing?
laurael (Jun 11, 2005)
My jaw dropped...this is awesome...the whole friggen thing. Wow is right.
sincity (Jun 12, 2005)
AAAWWW F-k! Such horrrible luck, but such a fantastic piece of work.
sephiroth54321 (Jun 12, 2005)
strangeoid (Jun 13, 2005)
AHAHA. This is like how I follow directions. Today, I was eating a Hershey's kiss, and I cut my lip. x.x'
Kenshin (Jun 19, 2005)
XD This is funny. I love the smoothness and the coloring @_@ Pretty neat :3
safescene (Jun 21, 2005)
Psh, this deserves more comments. You're definitely not appreciated as much as you should be, Crimson.
renire (Jul 1, 2005)
????????? this is cool, but i dont get it.
Zohariel (Aug 2, 2005)
I love everything about this. The concept, colour, and shading are all so amazing!!
Agent_Worm (Oct 3, 2005)
You should make this nice and big to fit on a high resolution desktop... if it can be done... good job man
JK-Arts (Oct 14, 2005)
That is Awsome. Very origional and awsome did i mention awsome? I think i did but, if i didn't....... that is awsome.
IkariIreuL (Oct 21, 2006)
haha to me it happened when he was dancing in that machines : << > ^ V
dorothyblueeyes (edited Mar 31, 2012)
if it's that hard to get, i'm not interested. it looks like an ad, but i'm not sure what for. there are other pieces i have seen here lately, should have been in showcase, but not this, sorry. maybe should be on t-shirt.
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 20, 2012)
I hear ya Dorothy. Not a lot of what I would consider good work is in the showcase either. What I consider good work is probably not what someone or a group considers good though. You know, cause it's subjective and all.
marcello (Jun 23, 2012)
The showcase sucks. I think the problem is it's too much work to maintain without people whining about something being picked or not picked. Open to suggestions. :)
staci (Jun 23, 2012)
people never stop whining no matter whatcha do. i suggest you remove it completely!
Axil62 (Jun 23, 2012)
Like and dislike buttons for each drawing. If a drawing gets X number of likes, it pops into the showcase. For each dislike, a like is erased and once you've chosen like or dislike, there is no way to do it again. Some may come back with the whole popularity contest argument but that's what it is now, only difference is instead of one person deciding they like you, it'll be a vote from everyone.
lori (Jun 23, 2012)
that's foolish... off with the whole thing, I agree with staci... did I say that?
shults (Jun 25, 2012)
Please don't add those buttons, or at least make them hidden (like the pointing system), or else it'll ruin the fun.
Flubbles (Jun 25, 2012)
I was going to suggest exactly what Axil suggested, but then I thought about it. What if all the kids start voting for eachothers drawings, we'd get loads of anime crap in there. And then it would become a war to keep a certain draw out.
staci (Jun 25, 2012)
you know what i would like to see? something like deviant art daily deviations. if its picked, tell us who put it there and why you like it/deserves to be 'showcased'. a lot of the whining about showcases is 'why is this here, who put this in the showcase', alleviates that problem and perhaps starts an intelligent discussion.
Alter.Native (Jun 25, 2012)
i'm with staci on this one..
enjoydotcom (Jun 26, 2012)
That was the only good of the spambots, they dredged up Long forgotten drawings.
itchymonkey (Jun 26, 2012)
my all time favourite.
the answer is obvious, points off for whining about the showcase. whining generally.....also whinging, and suggesting rules.
Flubbles (Jun 26, 2012)
This draw has more right to be in the showcase than many others, I used to be a whinger about the showcase. It embarresses me to think about it. Who gives a shit really, on the grand scale of things it's really not a big deal.
staci (Jun 26, 2012)
its not obvious to dorothyblueeyes.
no one is suggesting rules for what gets put in the showcase. people that put things in there have a reason right? i'd love to know what people value in certain pieces, if not to learn to value it myself maybe to debate why it sucks.
itchymonkey (Jun 26, 2012)
of course, .....what is whining?
cause it's subjective and all.
staci (Jun 26, 2012)
sarcasm must be subjective and all too, because yours is lost on me.

Flubbles (Jun 26, 2012)
staci (Jun 26, 2012)
itchymonkey (Jun 26, 2012)
thats why objectivity is so popular ;5
Axil62 (Jun 26, 2012)
How about this idea?
Memo: Marcello, I'll give you $20 to put this piece of crap in the showcase.
RE: Hmmm... It's gonna take at least $40 for that piece of crap.
Memo: $40? Damn... OK. Paypal?
RE: Paypal will be fine. I'll have it in the showcase tomorrow.
Memo: Cool! Thanks, man.
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 27, 2012)
Fuck, I knew I should have low balled him starting at $20.
Kloxboy (Jun 28, 2012)
I like Staci's idea, something more like Daily Deviations would be cool. The whole 'like and dislike button system' seems like it would be counterproductive because it allows people to judge anonymously and without explanation, making the showcase purely a popularity contest (opposed to a place to display the sites more skillful or innovative or interesting digital art). And yes, judging things like this would be subjective but could be relatively objective if there was some loose criteria to be met that we all agreed on (I mean, don't most prominent and respected award systems work in such a way?).
TheCrimsonKing (Nov 26, 2012)
Thinking about it now I think there are pretty solid reasons a lot of pieces were showcases like this one. There was a collective evolution of skill as 2draw developed from when I joined in 2004. There seemed to be a point where the bar was raised weekly for a few years and then we got to now where it has kind of gone stagnant. We are left to look at the current content as a whole and maybe a lot doesn't fit, but when it was showcased it was amazing, inspiring, or whatever at the time it as created.
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