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drawn in 4 hours 48 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Shanghai (May 19, 2005) — edit
"He saved us all from thirstation with a great taste that won't fill us up... ever"
Shanghai (May 19, 2005)
drawn in 44 min
Zack (May 19, 2005)
Ahahaha. Ahaha. This is awesome. All dwarves should always have steins.
15grifficorntears (May 19, 2005)
DOODE! That's so funny! wow...
Noremac (May 19, 2005)
actually... this isnt a bad idea...prolly like a sea dragon instead
Shanghai (edited May 19, 2005)
Well I had briefly thought of a sea dragon, but then I remembered that there was a ship in final fantasy 5 that had a sea dragon under it for power, since the crystal of wind had stopped giving it's power and sail ships couldn't work anymore. I thought of this idea before remembering that game so this isn't based on that, but I still just wanted to be different. *is in the middle of coloring*

Oh, maybe after this is done I'll do another with a sea turtle?
Zack (edited May 19, 2005)
I tried playing a ROM of FF5 once* but I couldn't get past the main character being named Butz. Probably some other stuff contributed to me losing interest, but anyway. Also, FF4 is almost the greatest game ever. And uh, I can say that totally objectively without any sort of nostalgia. You spoony bard.

* yeah, uh, I have the cartridge. ¬_¬

edit: sea turtles are cool.
edit: especially when they have small towns on their backs.
TRIP (May 19, 2005)
OH! like the one in Aladdin: and the King of Thieves :D
Shanghai (May 19, 2005)
I normally rename every character anyways. I think I gave him a girl's name though...
Childlike_Vampire (May 19, 2005)
Hahaa, this is damn spiffy, I'm loving that mug. It'll be kick ass when it's complete, I have no doubt.
HAhahaha spoonybard. Miss ya Tellah. *tear*
Shanghai (edited May 19, 2005)
after about 2 and a half hours of working my browser crashed and I lost it all. = |

I got a screenshot of it shortly before the crash since I was worried exactly that would happen, but the screenshot doesn't show that I had finished the last foot, the hand, and most of the top of the water. I don't really feel like redoing all that right now.

Also, if it can't get fixed, I'll just delete this and finish it on my own computer and then post it in the forums off my webspace.
Ty854 (May 19, 2005)
Man, that screenshot looks really nice. Bummer that it crashed. I hope you still finish it!
marcello (May 19, 2005)
send me an IM and we can do something about it.
Shanghai (May 19, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
I'll finish tonight probably
Shanghai (May 20, 2005)
drawn in 23 min
Not really finished, I'm still revising.
sincity (May 20, 2005)
I really dig this. :}
Noremac (May 20, 2005)
actually, you could go all the way, make it more like a stone fortress, complete with catapults and whatever. but on the note with a turtle. Ive seen a lot of turtle boats, like in Warcraft 2 and stuff, i like the idea of a behemoth underneath it. say like some hyper large collosus with an arched back, trained by the whole town of people who are built in on its back. let your imagination go nuts
davincipoppalag (May 20, 2005)
This really looks something like a Dino Florist piccy..
~unwritten_law_girl~ (May 21, 2005)
woah, heehee thats so cool!
Shanghai (May 21, 2005)
drawn in 3 hours 39 min
p3ndragon (May 21, 2005)
Great job, redpanda.
I totally dig your colors and shading style.
davincipoppalag (May 21, 2005)
Excellent finish!
emmamommalag (May 21, 2005)
Dang! That turned out great.. I love the soft colors and all.
Punky (May 22, 2005)
just amazing. i love it redpanda. :)
15grifficorntears (May 22, 2005)
AWSOME...just awsome.
safescene (May 22, 2005)
It's really just fantastic <3
Noremac (May 22, 2005)
quite interesing
TaCO (May 23, 2005)
O . O
The colors and the design are truly Awesome!!!!
I don't like the design of his beard too much, It's just odd to see a clean drunken Dwarf.
Gigge (May 23, 2005)
Your drawings are beautiful redpanda. They are so soft and gentle without being blurry and the colors glow in a way that's both energizing and soothing. Not to mention the stories behind them are fun too.
larva (Sep 4, 2005)
wooow! wonderful drawing.. good luck....
mx (Feb 23, 2006)
i TOTALLLY underestimated you dude....FLIPPING AMAZINGG
Axil62 (Feb 20, 2007)
I never said how much I like this.
Suntan (Aug 23, 2008)
I like it , too...hehee. Your characters and work are fantastic.
backmagicwoman (Sep 2, 2009)
This is the real hero...
axxido (Jul 16, 2010)
rare... but i like..!
dorothyblueeyes (Jul 22, 2010)
very good; uh,so I'll pass along my "German girlfriend joke." "My girlfriend was German(How German was she?)She was so German,when we were in a restaurant,she had them bring her beer in a bucket,cause she refused to have a Stein at the table."
davincipoppalag (Sep 4, 2020)
He's still sailing along
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