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drawn in 5 hours 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
zep (May 12, 2005)
i decided to draw me for the 301 draw...blah
zep (May 12, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 38 min
Anna (May 12, 2005)
Awesomely awesome :-D I like your nose, zeppy!! lol
featherstone (May 12, 2005)
solve (May 12, 2005)
nice? doesnt cover it im afraid. this is extraordinary! finally a face behind the name. very dynamic face sir!
featherstone (May 12, 2005)
yeah but you didn't hear how I said the word niiiiice
Xodiak (May 12, 2005)
Wow, very great looks! I like how a realistic picture looks with your paint brush style. It is a really powerful combination. Awesome self-portrait! <:D
sincity (May 12, 2005)
I'm With everyone else. This is absolutely Fantastic! Good to see you sir. :}
davincipoppalag (May 12, 2005)
Hello Javier, nice to see you. If you are as good a teacher as you are an artist, your students are very lucky.
emmamommalag (May 12, 2005)
How wonderful to see you. :)
zep (May 12, 2005)
thanks thanks thanks....
so, i have a dynamic face eh? :)
marcello (May 12, 2005)
I'm not sure, it feels too dark (literally), to me... the white on what I am assuming is the collar is quite distracting and I don't think it helps.
featherstone (May 12, 2005)
I wasn't sure about that white thing either.. but when finished, all zep's pics are brilliant
zep (May 13, 2005)
well cello i´m a proud latin man, my skin it´s not precisely white :)
...and that collar its such a pain in the ass to me too :(
marcello (May 13, 2005)
I was referring to the overall contrast of the image, relative brightnesses...
zep (May 13, 2005)
i know :)
such a humor
Xodiak (May 13, 2005)
Latin women are very sexy, I like the dark, shiny skin... >;D
zep (May 25, 2005)
drawn in 3 hours 43 min
a very little kingdom...
laurael (May 25, 2005) are one fine, SEXY, handsome man...but you know that. :)
zep (May 25, 2005)
wow...thanks Laurael :)
you noticed my turtle face eh?
Xodiak (May 25, 2005)
I want to enter the door of your mind and live there forever. It would be the best place to live! >:D
HunterKiller_ (May 25, 2005)
Ok, i have to agree with Marcello for once, the collar is quite a distraction from your marvelously bold and defined face =)
davincipoppalag (May 25, 2005)
Im goin in with ya XOD..
unefourniture (May 25, 2005)
Aww, I really like the idea. Little man inside your head, ears closed, eyes shut, not listening to anybody but him. Or at least that's what I get from it. Hm, lonely tower in the distance? somehow representing the loneliness of the man? Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it...
ambermac (May 28, 2005)
beatifully rendered. it's nice to see your color work, zep!
DoOp (Mar 16, 2006)
woh i had to comment xD this is so cool :D i dunn why, but the proflie is so goo d^_^b
GoldDragonfly (Jul 1, 2008)
wow O_O , i love the drawing, but even more the idea, fantastic!
klm21 (Jul 1, 2008)
wow thats awesome drawing very good use of colour!!! :)
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