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drawn in 3 hours 32 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Mar 12, 2005) — edit
it's all like. loose. and tight. and loose. whatever. I like it.
no composition ref. googled for wwii planes to get some general ideas.
c&c welcome.
marcello (Mar 12, 2005)
drawn in 3 hours 32 min
mazi (Mar 12, 2005)
suxx0rs. go home.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 12, 2005)
It so does not suxxOrs, whatever the hell that means. It looks just like a game my husband plays on here sometimes. It makes me want to shoot something.
Axil62 (Mar 12, 2005)
I just want to point out that while it's not drawn perfectly (and it probably wasn't intended to be) it still works well. You FEEL the flight. Very nice Marcello/
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 12, 2005)
sure do. Brrrrrrrrrrowwwwww brrrrrrrrrrrrowwww....brrrrrr.... I shot them all down... I WIN!! :D
Kink (Mar 12, 2005)
THis scene reminds me of that huge dogfight recreated in "The Aviator". I like how the shells and shrapnel are sort of fuzzy like they are moving faster then the camera and the planes. Cool battle Marcello.
featherstone (Mar 12, 2005)
had some pretty fancy contrails in the sky outside my window the other morning.... was cool to wake up to... this so reminds me of a Dave pic, 'tis goodly
DarkCloak (edited Mar 12, 2005)
Awesome pic! The flow of battle seems to be in the green squadron's favour, as it appears the planes in the forground are just getting stuck in the fight. This reminds me a lot of that old online flight sim, Fighter Ace. Man, I loved that game... I'd probably be the guy that's just burst into flames though. heh.
Childlike_Vampire (Mar 13, 2005)
Oh, that's so nice. The sense of height and motion, I feel like you paused an Imax movie. I really love the bg, the ever so distant ground, the tilted horizon, dark to light. And that one plane goin' down, the smoke is hella sweet lookin'. Great drawing! ^^
TaCO (Mar 13, 2005)
I kind of like It.
It just seems like something is missing.
davincipoppalag (Mar 13, 2005)
Way to go OhCreator.. I love pics like this.. you captured the feel very nicely.
Zack (edited Mar 13, 2005)
To steal Staci's comment because she is so quietish, excellent composition! It really feels "off kilter." The shots kind of look like pick-up-sticks though.
edit: wahaha! Good eye, Zer.
ArchMageZeratuL (Mar 13, 2005)
So, noone really noticed that the green airplane on foreground is shooting an ally? :)
Destervetha (Mar 24, 2005)
The green plane is obviously a blue plane in disguise.
Also, I really like it, Marcello :D
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