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drawn in 1 hour 40 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Alex-Cooper (Jan 22, 2005)
Does that arouse anyone?
Alex-Cooper (Jan 22, 2005)
drawn in 34 min
Alex-Cooper (Feb 4, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 5 min
I feel i'm losing my praxim for what i do.
Turtlebuster (Feb 4, 2005)
you are about 5 years late with this... if it's aimed at clinton. i'll avoid the question for now.
davincipoppalag (Feb 4, 2005)
Isn't W the "second coming"?
Alex-Cooper (Feb 5, 2005)
Who the fuck said it was aimed at Clinton? Why do you have to assume that just because I drew a picture of the White House being attacked by giant sperm that it's a metaphor for Clinton blowing his load in Monica's mouth? You read too much into this shit, just take it as it is.
gottin_regen (Feb 5, 2005)
the second 'calm' i quite agree.... spermified.
DinoFlorist (Feb 6, 2005)
Thats what sperm looks like? I thought it was a vermiscious knid!
Alex-Cooper (Feb 8, 2005)
What? This is a showcase? Weird. Thanks mod.
Kenshin (Feb 14, 2005)
>D Funneh :D I like it ;D
TaCO (May 6, 2005)
So thats why It's white.
sephiroth54321 (Jun 29, 2005)
how is this rated "everyone" shouldn't this be rated 13+, or something?
kristine (Jan 10, 2006)
i think you forgot to shade one the the little sperms >_o but anywho, heh funny ficture, i like it :)
davincipoppalag (Jul 25, 2017)
I think one of them was The Donald
buffaww (Feb 6, 2023)
Well, maybe it's supposed to figuratively depict "illegal aliens." (????) (And they did ship some of them to WA DC, I read.)
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