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darkk_angel (edited Apr 4, 2003)
Hallo everyone... just here to say that instead of going out of your way to buy a tablet, you could use the little finger pad on modern day laptops with a stylus to draw!! couldnt you?
method3 (edited Apr 4, 2003)
i don't think so, but even if you could those pads are very small,
and you're using your finger instead of an actual stylus, so the
feel wouldn't be the same.
marcello (edited Apr 4, 2003)
Drawing with a touchpad is awful, much much much worse than drawing with a mouse, about as bad as a trackpoint.
However, on the other hand you could get a tablet PC, or one of those spiffy LCD's with tablets built in...*drools*
Teej (edited Apr 6, 2003)
darkk_angel (edited Apr 15, 2003)
damn... i tried, marcello... you are right!! and the idea about using the pen sucked too....
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