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drawn in 1 hour 18 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
orion (Jan 9, 2005)
i hope to do more later. this looks like a nice place.
orion (Jan 9, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 18 min
Tuukke (Jan 9, 2005)
welcome, welcome!!! this is really cool pic! looks very real and summery :)
davincipoppalag (Jan 9, 2005)
Holy crap, this is great work! Welcome to 2Draw Greg! I will be looking forward to your stuff for sure!
orion (Jan 9, 2005)
thank you!
Axil62 (Jan 9, 2005)
This is good.
EphemeralFlames (Jan 9, 2005)
Awesome persepective idea! I like it a lot... :D
pug106 (Jan 9, 2005)
ffs this should go onto showcase!!! well done this is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StrawberryYamichan (Jan 9, 2005)
Omg this is a showcase entry (*coughnofaircough*) Damn, this is freakin excellent!!
Anna (Jan 9, 2005)
Nicely done... The perspective is REALLY good and dead on. Congrats on the Showcase... nice way to come in. ;-)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jan 9, 2005)
This makes me want to put on a "spiderwoman" suit and start climbing. Fantastic... I hope you stick around and do more like this.
sincity (Jan 9, 2005)
This is great. Congrats on the showcase for a first pic! Welcome :}
davincipoppalag (Jan 9, 2005)
That doesn't happen too often here! I think Aubrey was the only other one I know of that had the first picture make that. Great job!
emmamommalag (Jan 9, 2005)
That is amazing! Can't wait to see what else you can do!
Gigandas (Jan 9, 2005)
Geez, nice perspective work.But furthermore, I think the reflections you got going make this one even more interesting.Awesome shades of blue and to top it all off, you did well with the sky.Definitely worthy of the showcase for sure.
orion (Jan 9, 2005)
thank you everyone
squids (Jan 9, 2005)
I love glass buildings and this is awesome. it lookes very real :)
starmarked (Jan 10, 2005)
Welcome Orion! You're drawing is really awesome. I can't stop looking at it. : ]
thug (Jan 10, 2005)
this is soooo good, just like a photo. And congratulations on the showcase. Like everyone says it is unusual for a first piece to make it.
I'm looking forward to more of your art.
Aubrey (Jan 10, 2005)
This is incredible. The sky is perfect and the building looks just like we're standing right below it. You're very good.
Michelene (edited Feb 17, 2005)
this is the best place on earth, reminds me of how i felt when i first went to NYC as a child, and still feel everytime i am there and the feeling is always the same (even thought i grew up there and have been back many times), that awe-inspiring energy that is like experiencing it for the first time, every time..thank you for bringing back the memories i have of my favorite place
Geist (Feb 18, 2005)
Wow, the sky looks so real.
pulmonq2 (Mar 26, 2005)
this is an excellent conveyance of perspective. Really like it.
Mad_Cow_Disease (May 24, 2006)
wow, very beautifully done.
Miss_DJ (Mar 21, 2007)
WOW just now saw this! terrific!
mooki (Jun 16, 2007)
thats amazing
i thought it was a photo

Eagledawn (Nov 22, 2007)
This looks, well, real. XD Keep up the great work!
foxman8245 (Nov 22, 2007)
I think I'm getting vertigo....
GoldDragonfly (Mar 26, 2008)
wow O.O so cool! and you drew it really fast!
Smellymudhut (Sep 21, 2008)
WOW. it looks like a photo and didn't even take that long. Just wow -- it's amazing & congrats on getting it into showcase
Sweetlove15 (Jan 28, 2011)
So real.
montezmaria (Jan 29, 2011)
Amazing, so real looking. This looks like the Willis tower in Chicago, which the skydeck is really amazing to stand out on.
davincipoppalag (Nov 2, 2019)
Still amazing
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