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marcello (Mar 22, 2003) — edit
There are some server problems... hopefully they'll be cleared up by tomorrow
RazorClaw (edited Mar 22, 2003)
hopefully the pictures will make it
UppityCracker (edited Mar 22, 2003)
Wow we're all lucky that this picture made it, its amazing how balanced the image is, the contrast between light and dark stand out on the canvas as a statement for all mankind to benefit from. I thought it was very daring to use true black. A lesser artist would not have been able to pull it off. So in closing, god bless, keep up the good work. I would like to buy your art.. kiss me.
furyofroy (edited Mar 22, 2003)
suddenly im reminded of that bo1dditywhutever person. God, im glad i wasn't around when he was prowling the boards....he was like a mad serial puppy killer.
marcello (edited Mar 22, 2003)
Unfortunately, anything that *was* lost, probably won't be returning, the daily backup, is well, daily.
marcello (Mar 22, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
quintessence (edited Mar 23, 2003)
Dammit. I really liked those two I drew. *sighs* *wanders off*
RabidMalikFanGirl (edited Mar 23, 2003)
Ah yes... The wonderful contrast of black and white is amazing!
UppityCracker (edited Mar 23, 2003)
Furyofroy, dont EVER compare me to that stupid fuck bod1ggity. That guy was an asshole.
*huggles FURYOFROY*
roguefrequency (edited Mar 23, 2003)
*tries to ignore Uppity and roy in the corner*

What happen Marcello? Is possible it could happen again?

P.S. Sorry quin... I wish had at least seen them before the erase.
quintessence (edited Mar 24, 2003)
Thanks rogue. *huggle*
darkk_angel (edited Apr 18, 2003)
eep this is interesting
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