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drawn in 33 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Common Tater
33 min
30 sec
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
A 2Draw Christmas present for da momma..
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
drawn in 33 min
inatyrb (Dec 5, 2004)
yay! that's really cute... hehe... i think i need to make me a xmas icon now... lol!!
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
tanks..momma Loves Cardinals..
inatyrb (Dec 5, 2004)
i don't... i currently have a cardinal that keeps continuously flying into my window waking me up in the morning... i think its trying to commit
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
Lol! They're pretty but I guess pretty dumb too, eh? hehehe
inatyrb (Dec 5, 2004)
you;d think after about 3 months of running into it he'd realize hes not getting through... lol
ILoveKenshin (Dec 5, 2004)
This is very nice. ^^ I love the detail of everything. Also, I had a question.. are you and momma married..?
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
Lol ILK no..well we are , but not to each other. Only in LAG land am I the poppa and emma the momma.. I live in Connecticut and shes in Ohio.. but..we confuse a lot of people with that heheheh
inatyrb (Dec 5, 2004)
i dunno what lag is... so confuzzled
emmamommalag (edited Dec 5, 2004)
It's perfect! Thank you. :) (((kiss poppasweetie))) WE are the Lags, inatryrb. There's a cardinal where I work that has been banging into the window all day long for months. The Lag Family website is .. hope that's the right link.
inatyrb (Dec 5, 2004)
nooooo!!!!!!! lol... so tired....
emmamommalag (Dec 5, 2004)
drawn in 30 sec
Thank you poppasweetie for the most beautiful icon! :)
spiritdweller (Dec 5, 2004)
beautiful birdy Dave... such a nice job :)
Pantera (Dec 5, 2004)
Very pretty bird, I have a few that come to eat every morning in my back yard, you did a good job :)
TaCO (Dec 6, 2004)
Great pic!!!!! I like the color choices!!!!!
kitty25 (Nov 24, 2005)
soo colors And bird!
paintbrush63 (Dec 7, 2009)
Flubbles (Dec 7, 2009)
Just because somebody says something nice about your'e work it doesn't mean you have to say something nice about there equally crappy work in return.
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