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drawn in 2 hours 43 min with Lascaux Sketch
bumpinthenight (Nov 26, 2004)
Erm. Yeah... Done with mouse... Thats why its taking me so long XD
bumpinthenight (Nov 26, 2004)
drawn in 51 min
bumpinthenight (Nov 26, 2004)
drawn in 50 min
ok... woo... wierd anatomy XD thats what happens with a mouse... XD ok... so hes a dinosaur/horse mixed anthro... wow... I feel so... special XD lmfao... Imma lower the rating cause I took out the offending finger and change the title cause this has gone in a totally different direction that previously imagined ^_^;;
bumpinthenight (Nov 26, 2004)
drawn in 40 min
color... bg is next... I have to go watch some tv now ^_^;;
bumpinthenight (Nov 27, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
\/\/007 for random backgrounds... XD
Pantera (Nov 27, 2004)
I really like this, very smooth lines :)
TaCO (Nov 27, 2004)
O.O Great design and cool pose. And great color.
bumpinthenight (Nov 27, 2004)
yeah... he was going to be holding treasure (and behold too XD hehehe lmao... davinci-worthy joke :D) but I was lazy XD as usual... so I drew a funny tree and a wierd background and made a blue forcefield :D
davincipoppalag (Nov 27, 2004)
Lol..sorry I'm such a bad influence Mizz Wanda hehee..this came out well. Nice lines and colors..
IkariIreuL (Nov 27, 2004)
I like most the colour-ish work :)
Xodiak (Dec 5, 2004)
Dino/horse anthropomorphic creature... He looks just awesome! And naked... sexy! <:)
bumpinthenight (Dec 16, 2004)
Y'know, xod... I think he looks that way because he wants to masterbate. XD I just thougth of that... lolll that would have been funny :D XD an extreme drawing done by me, for once! :O oh the shock XD
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