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drawn in 51 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
HunterKiller_ (Nov 8, 2004)
Mesa is getting better at using a mouse! ^.^ I think this one is finished, based on the MTG card Demon's Horn.
HunterKiller_ (Nov 8, 2004)
drawn in 51 min
bumpinthenight (Nov 8, 2004)
neatoh.... hehe... great sketch... the background could use some work, but otherwise, it looks fine to me :D
Gigandas (Nov 8, 2004)
Too bad the rules have changed so much in that game....the classic MTG was the best...
HunterKiller_ (edited Nov 8, 2004)
Its ok still i suppose... but yea, some of these new, I-can-beat-the-game-by-myself, cards are really ruining it. I really really really hate the new card face too. Its hideous.
I think i might replace that background with black and put red aura around the horn.
Gigandas (Nov 8, 2004)
Well, that and the stupid equipment stuff....what's up with that anyway?
davincipoppalag (Nov 8, 2004)
This is cool looking..I don't know the game.
Fin_beast (Nov 9, 2004)
Well... I like the new card face.
Not too sure about the equipment though... It's kinda cool, but it does spoil the game a bit at times.
HunterKiller_ (Nov 9, 2004)
lol lets not turn this into a magic discussion. If you would like to discuss magic go to
Gigge (Nov 10, 2004)
Demon's horn. We call them asparagus tips around here. ;) I like the texture of the wood and the way the charcoaly look compliments the inferno air.
HunterKiller_ (Nov 14, 2004)
LMAO hey... thats not very nice... i dont like asparagus... XD
creesh (Nov 14, 2004)
that is really, really (whole lot more really's) good! I love it, did u just draw that from your head?? its good, really really good! I like it a lot! You shaded and textured it soo well, a lot more detail than i bother to do on the computer! i love it!
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