watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 40 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
zep (Nov 3, 2004)
not sure...
zep (Nov 3, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
staci (Nov 3, 2004)
zep (Nov 3, 2004)
hehehe...sorry, recently a friend spell this phrase and i imagine this pic....don´t mean anything...
staci (Nov 3, 2004)
i want your imagination :)
davincipoppalag (Nov 3, 2004)
Ain't it great? Zep.. isn't the phrase "what's IN this for me?" lol
zep (Nov 3, 2004)
well i think you don´t need it at all staci...and davin, mmm i think the phrase was...what´s going on?...this is for me?....
zep (Nov 3, 2004)
drawn in 38 min
Kloxboy (Nov 3, 2004)
Xodiak (Nov 3, 2004)
I like ghosts! >:D
spiritdweller (Nov 3, 2004)
love those moons hehe :)
Kenshin (Nov 3, 2004)
This is very interesting.. all of your pieces are. They make you think, and they give you so many ideas. I like them. ^_____^
Gigge (Nov 4, 2004)
I have no idea what this one is about. But, this looks very cool.
Xodiak (Nov 4, 2004)
I am going to buy a good and strong flashlight, then have a transparent plastic sheet and draw this face with a black permanent marker. Then I will cut the sheet into a circle around the drawing and stick it in front of the flashlight. If everything works well, I can have this face onto the light of the flashlight and scare people! >:D
mooseflower (Nov 6, 2004)
Fun: Go to a party where there will be darkness, bring Xod's strong flashlight. Find a place to stand where you will be hard to see, but where you can still illuminate the whole ceiling when you turn on the flashlight. Turn it on, put your hand up over the light, then bring it down slowly and watch them scream.
This piccy reminds me of a picture book called something like "Daddy I want the moon" where a little girl makes her dad get up on a ladder and bring her the moon. Love the picture, you have a freakin cool mind.
Aubrey (Nov 6, 2004)
How very cool. You've got some awesome talent Mr. Zep, yep yep.
zep (Nov 22, 2004)
thanks mods...
Knockoff (Nov 22, 2004)
Thats awesome, zep! I love the face on him.
plasma_ooganator (Nov 28, 2004)
i luv it so much that i am too busy with other stuff to explain why i like it so much. because right now my grandma is yelling at me! she is telling me that i need to take out the trash and wash the dishes and clean her room and clean the bathroom and all the other stuff a teenager has to do! i have no time at all to tell you why i like this drawing so much because i have all these chores to do! i am so sorry i wish i could tell you! oh no! my grandma is coming with the knife! "not the knife!" i scream but her hand is raised above her head and she is about to plunge it in msikl denbskjlbgsldf
TaCO (Nov 28, 2004)
Is he bowling????
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 14, 2012)
i love the transparency on that head he's handling hehe He's got "a grip" on it for sure ^_^
davincipoppalag (Jan 28, 2020)
I miss Javier
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