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drawn in 1 hour 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 3 min
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 1 min
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 2 min
monk (edited Oct 28, 2004)
It's like you're this incredibly tasty ham sandwich and my lips are sewn together.
spiritdweller (Oct 28, 2004)
that would suck... to not be able to speak... actually hey.. I know all about that. this is a wonderful draw...
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 5 min
Trying to fix some sh*t...
Maybe I'm just messing it up
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 2 min
how many times am i going to fix this after i submit it finished.................?
davincipoppalag (Oct 28, 2004)
Holy moly, kejo..those dead lookin eyes are creepy as hell...
Silver_Note (Oct 28, 2004)
Wow! That is so freakin awesome! NICE WORK!
Anna (Oct 28, 2004)
:O This is soooo scary. This is just sooo excellent. I love the stitching.. the creepy eyes and the glazed look they have, the lips, the texture on the entire face. Everything. *high fives Kejo* :-)
Aubrey (Oct 28, 2004)
That is freaky awesome, so dead and evil looking. The eyes freak me out more than anything.
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
much thanks everyone.....had this idea in my head for awhile
figured now was as good a time as any for it ;)
kejoco (Oct 28, 2004)
drawn in 1 min
Gigge (Oct 28, 2004)
Poor thing. That looks like dieting the hard way. Those eyes are wickedly haunting and the I love the texture of the skin.
sincity (Oct 28, 2004)
Well all I can say is good job and I love it.
Xodiak (Oct 29, 2004)
Empty eyes, sewn mouth... she is like a doll... a doll made of flesh... a fleshdoll! I love her! >:D
Now I have a fantasy as a psychotic serial killer. To kill a victim, dismember it and then connect the limbs back together in a way it resembles a doll. Then I would poke the eyes out and stuff black glassy balls inside the sockets and then I would sew the mouth shut. And then I would leave the body in an obvious place where the police can find it and admire my artwork! >8)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Oct 30, 2004)
Wow, Kenn... this is just wicked. I love it. (Hey, Xod, there was a serial killer in Dallas in the early 90's who removed the eyeballs of the women he killed precisely with a surgical instrument just like a taxidermist would do and replaced them with black glass. You gotta think of something more original, now lol)
Xodiak (Oct 31, 2004)
Hehehe, I have seen movies like "Seven" or "Red Dragon"... but the real serial killers are much scarier...
Kenshin (Feb 12, 2005)
Creepy @____@
Miss_DJ (Apr 11, 2005)
this is freaky good
Seklyan (Aug 3, 2005)
eep. she haunts me too, at least now she will. but no seriously, this is really good. i love the black out eyes. nice job on the shine and everything and the sewn up mouth.. effectively creepy. the whole grey scale too just makes it that much more intense. how on earth did you get the skin to have that texture
*^.*.^ Jealous^.*.^*
JK-Arts (Oct 14, 2005)
That is totally awsome. Superb them eyes rock, and the emotion is totally creepy this picture reminds me alot of the hellraiser movies. Pin head's duaghter if he had one i forget.
Angel_Artist (Jan 26, 2007)
omg....i love the morbid creepyness of this piece....
fantastic work on the eyes and mouth
the stitches look real!
you're my hero!
sofballchik0323 (Jul 17, 2009)
wowwww this is totally creeeepy and amazing!! She reminds me of the demons in the show supernatural. just wow
davincipoppalag (Oct 30, 2021)
Happy Halloween
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