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drawn in 2 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Oct 6, 2004) — edit
return of sk00l mouse drawing! unfortunately, must get to class.
marcello (Oct 6, 2004)
drawn in 42 min
marcello (Oct 6, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 18 min
Maiko (Oct 6, 2004)
how disturbingly cute >_>
Koneko-sama (Oct 6, 2004)
O_O It reminds me of this disturbing school assembly we went to... ::shudders::
Snoozy27 (Oct 6, 2004)
Yeah, but where are the chicks?

UH I MEAN this is adorable, but I feel kinda let down since I can't see what he's aiming at :( :( :( :( x FOREVER
Kenshin (Oct 6, 2004)
Heh, that is cool.. It is cute.. and weird.. And weird and cute. XD
Xodiak (Oct 6, 2004)
Why don't you make him/her a mascot? It is even your creation... right? <:D
davincipoppalag (Oct 6, 2004)
He goze to skoo widda car wash soap shooter?
Kasha (Oct 7, 2004)
what's he shoot out? baby penguins?
Zack (Oct 8, 2004)
This must be the prototype design for your legion of superwarriors.
creesh (Oct 9, 2004)
wow, thats cute in an evil disturbing way, i like it
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