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drawn in 3 hours 4 min with Lascaux Sketch
dixielandcutie (Sep 18, 2004)
ugh havin some isssssues...anny suggestions >.< for the space please dont throw stones, *giggle*
dixielandcutie (Sep 18, 2004)
drawn in 34 min
dixielandcutie (Sep 18, 2004)
drawn in 52 min
safety save
dixielandcutie (Sep 18, 2004)
drawn in 56 min
yanno...a crop feature...would rock right about now...pfffft *frustration*
Xodiak (Sep 18, 2004)
Nice cheerful little gentleman... >:)
How do you do sir?
dixielandcutie (Sep 18, 2004)
hahah, its a girl ;p but i havent added the ponytail yet ;p
emmamommalag (Sep 19, 2004)
This is gonna be so cute. Already is, for that matter. Looking forward to the finished product.
dixielandcutie (Sep 19, 2004)
it not working, all the buttons are frozen :( hmmm...i guess ill try againnn
Kasha (Sep 19, 2004)
this is cute. I like the pose and her facial expression. :)
spiritdweller (Sep 19, 2004)
as if anyone would want to throw stones at this.... sheesh... :)
dixielandcutie (edited Sep 19, 2004)
drawn in 40 min
okie dokie...i think ive had enough of this one...time to mooove on...hehe i so chickened out on the bg...
spiritdweller (edited Sep 19, 2004)
hey... so cute dix.... just like you :) I think this is what I looked like when I was little and my mother took my picture after I tried her bra on....
Aubrey (Sep 19, 2004)
Nice finish on this Dixie! She's very cute with her lil flower shirt :)
Xodiak (Sep 19, 2004)
Hehehe, very pretty girl, dixielandcutie! >:)
emmamommalag (Sep 19, 2004)
Awww, she's so cute. I love her expression. It turned out great, dixie. :)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 20, 2004)
Just precious, dix, I can't say enough how proud I am of what a promising artist you are becoming. :D
dixielandcutie (Sep 21, 2004)
aw pfft thanks yall...hehe, makin me blush... :D glad ya likit :) (hehe, lori ;p)
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