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drawn in 8 hours 13 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
Axil62 (Sep 15, 2004)
All done. Can I go outside and play now?
Axil62 (Sep 15, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 2 min
Axil62 (Sep 15, 2004)
drawn in 55 min
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 2 min
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
drawn in 32 min
spiritdweller (Sep 16, 2004)
wow, but it's looking sooo good!
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
Thanks. Yer a nice lady. :)
spiritdweller (Sep 16, 2004)
haha :)
jayceepearl (Sep 16, 2004)
I really like this one!
thug (Sep 16, 2004)
it'll be worth taking forever. The back ground is already fantastic and the clothing textures are amazing. I can't wait to see the end result.
spiritdweller (Sep 16, 2004)
he's trying to appeal to all women... I see how he is... haha
Rosemary (Sep 16, 2004)
wow looking great!! love the background too..and the colouring of clothes..sure its gonna be wonderful :)
jayceepearl (Sep 16, 2004)
C'mon. man. I want more!
dixielandcutie (Sep 16, 2004)
ya wanna know amaze me...this is incredible...its got kind of a lazy feel to it..but i dunno...i love it...every one of your drawings is so different, and they are all amazing...just dang, nice work...and i cant wait to see this progress
Anna (Sep 16, 2004)
I'm already lovin' this :D
Sarow (Sep 16, 2004)
Whoa! Damn Its good!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 16, 2004)
This is so "masterful" looking (if that's not a word I just made it up for this painting)... the composition is brilliant and the colors are wonderful and the idea is just... well, it looks like they are getting ready for a wedding or something. I love it already, too. :)
davincipoppalag (Sep 16, 2004)
This is very appealing already. I will look forward to your finish!
Aubrey (Sep 16, 2004)
That woman on the left is so great. The shadows from her arms and everything just give her so much dimention like she's sticking right out of the picture. This is gonna be awesome Axil :)
misterjimsan (Sep 16, 2004)
mmm, i love the composition
Goatlord (Sep 16, 2004)
This looks almost dream-like. I love the cloth and hair detail. I'll be looking forward to seeing this in its finished state.
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
drawn in 56 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 16, 2004)
I can't believe how wonderful this is. It almost makes me want to hate you because there's no way I could do this. You aren't out of space, are you?
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
Yep I'm out of space.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 16, 2004)
Did you ask for more yet??!?
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 16, 2004)
Well why NOT? I checked and none of the Mod Squad are here, so it wouldn't even do any good to yell, scream, holler, kick, or text abuse. You're gonna have to ask. You know, beg... grovel...
Axil62 (Sep 16, 2004)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 16, 2004)
Never? Not for anything?
Axil62 (edited Sep 16, 2004)
It'd have to be something pretty damned good.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 16, 2004)
Oh. Space for this would be good. This is a damn good piece of art. Shall I pretend like I'm your secretary and memo a mod for you?
spiritdweller (Sep 16, 2004)
there ya go... method is here for you now ;)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 16, 2004)
Method was here, and I stuck a memo in his box and he walked right past it on his way out of the Cellolounge, (he was stumbling drunk, you know) so I put one in Marcello's box.

HEY! Method's back! Grab him! TAKE the space! He won't remember! lol
edit: danggit he slipped past us again. Hurry up, Marcello, the Kingdom awaits the finish of this grand painting.
spiritdweller (Sep 16, 2004)
what a good l'il secretary ;)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 17, 2004)
Yes! It has space!
jayceepearl (Sep 17, 2004)
Go Dan, go!
spiritdweller (Sep 17, 2004)
davincipoppalag (Sep 17, 2004)
I love that bg, and the shift on the one on the left looks like real linen
Axil62 (Sep 17, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 43 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 17, 2004)
So wonderful... the robes and the hair are just outstanding. I wish I knew how you do it.
Oh, and if you run out of space again, my Lord, we peasant girls will be quite happy to plead with the King for more, in your behalf. :)
Axil62 (Sep 17, 2004)
Very well well then. *claps hands together three times above head* More drink for the peasant girl! Henceforth let it be known throughout the land that ......uh...some sort of decree and uh... and thou and thee and uh...ceptors and such...and prbably a turkey leg or something er other...
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 17, 2004)
The lady doth not wish to receive a turkey leg, my lord. The lady despiseth foul.
Axil62 (Sep 17, 2004)
Right right...despiseth and such and so on...*pauses perplexed momentarlily* The finest deer hind quarter in the land it shall be...hence as in as much as the party of the...uh....first part and uh..... Be gone with you wench!
Axil62 (Sep 17, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 17, 2004)
Wench, huh? *Grabs quiver from underneath skirts... oh to hell with that... rips off skirt... Nocks arrow...* "Better get a running start, my lord..." :)

I want this in a real oil painting, seriously. Get busy.
This is my favorite thing you've done so far. I love it.

staci (Sep 17, 2004)
i love her back so much. i loved it before it was realistic...and the subtle shine to the left ones hair
spiritdweller (Sep 17, 2004)
you can do my hair anytime you want
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 17, 2004)
I think he understands a little bit about women... what do you think?
spiritdweller (Sep 17, 2004)
I think so too...
staci (Sep 17, 2004)
*makes fart noise*
spiritdweller (Sep 17, 2004)
grossed out by Staci... but laughing... ;)
staci (Sep 17, 2004)
thata girl :D
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 17, 2004)
Staci! I hope you did that with your underarm! ROFL!
staci (Sep 17, 2004)
nah..i never could do that trick. wasnt for lack of trying tho
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 17, 2004)
lol... my brothers both spent hours teaching me how to do it... and I finally got it down! One of life's greatest accomplishments!
kejoco (Sep 17, 2004)
this is crazy good
Her back looks incredible.
Just out of curiousity, did you use a reference picture or is this from your mind.
If its from your head then I'm gonna quit.....maybe....we'll see
Anna (Sep 17, 2004)
This is just so great! :) I love the colors in it . *stares at it s'more*
davincipoppalag (Sep 17, 2004)
Now THIS is truly magnificent. Everything about it is great.
purple_Llama (Sep 18, 2004)
Stunning work,I love it.
Aubrey (Sep 18, 2004)
Beauteeful, just beauteeful. This belongs in the Smithsonian, forget the showcase. lol There's just no way to tell you how purdy this is Dan. No way in the world.
Axil62 (Sep 18, 2004)
Pfffft. The showcase. lol
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 18, 2004)
It belongs in my bedroom. I WANT IT!!! edit: (But it would also be extremely nice if it were in the Showcase, because it's now one of my favorite pieces of art here, and would be much easier for me to view if I could just go there to see it.)
DejasView (Sep 18, 2004)
I've come back to look at this several times now and simply can't resist commenting on it any longer. There is so much to this piece, so much that could be said but, the one thing that stands out to me is the balance. To be able to balance such a fascinating combination of positions along with the background is incredible to me. Very, very well thought out piece, Dan.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 18, 2004)
Yep, it's the composition... it's brilliant, I tell you... BRILLIANT!!!
Axil62 (Sep 18, 2004)
I didn't compose this, it's from a photo on google somewhere.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Sep 18, 2004)
It doesn't matter... in order to create a painting from a photograph, you have to recognize good composition in that photograph, which requires as much forethought, intelligence and skill as composing the whole thing yourself.
Axil62 (Sep 18, 2004)
Well, I did change the background some in order to make the darks balance out with the rest of it, but the women are pretty much the same.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 18, 2004)
And I'm sure that it resembles the photograph, but it's not exactly the same. You saw a moment in time that someone captured with a mechanical device, and turned it into art. You know, there's this guy that lives in my town... huge, well known, famous, rich... Southwest artist.. I know him... his sons are my daughters age, she has gone to school with them since kindergarten, and he does everything from photographs. Even if he has to hire a photographer to shoot what he wants to paint, that's how he does it. Nothing wrong with that.
Axil62 (Sep 18, 2004)
Yeah I know.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 18, 2004)
Yeah, yeah, whatever I tell you, you already know. lol :P
Axil62 (Sep 18, 2004)
No, don't get me wrong, I just never felt that there was any thing wrong with painting a photo and it sorta seemed like you were trying to make me feel better about it, which is very kind of you anyway. :)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 18, 2004)
No, it's just that some people don't know that there are rockin artists that make BOOCOOS of money doing nothing BUT painting from photographs... shit doesn't have to come from your head... that's all. :)
xwindflyer (Sep 19, 2004)
From what I've seen, the Showcase is mostly just a bunch of fags patting each other on the back! (I say mostly, not all)
marcello (Sep 19, 2004)
you pretty much hit it on the head. I don't know why people think the showcase is so great.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 19, 2004)
Well, because sometimes you put really great art in there... like this painting of three women doing their hair! Thanks! :D
spiritdweller (Sep 19, 2004)
pats Dan on the back... :)
Aubrey (Sep 19, 2004)
Congrats Dan, but even if it wasn't in the showcase, it already is with me. This is a truly beautiful picture :)
Axil62 (Sep 21, 2004)
I don't give a shit about the showcase
Aubrey (Sep 21, 2004)
Ah know.. just was sayin either way it was a masterpiece to me whether they put it in a showcase or not.
jayceepearl (Sep 22, 2004)
Oh don't feel bad Aubrey - his comment was in response to mine (I think) which I deleted.
safescene (edited Sep 30, 2004)
It's been difficult to comment on anything these days because everyone's work is so amazing - gah! No comment ever seems like it expresses all of their greatness.

I think wow would be suitable for this one, yeah?
Split (Jul 15, 2005)
This is like a room of georges women but with there clothes on or blankets
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 15, 2005)
George's women? lol George is a lucky guy. I have no idea what that comment up there meant but I'm glad somebody brought this back to the front of the Showcase. I love this painting.
LisaAnne (Jul 19, 2005)
:) Such an interesting scene to everyday occurance, yet so beautiful.
Cordelia_Pink (Jul 22, 2005)
I never noticed how good this looked upclose (how horrible of me) while I was browsing through your gallery and then I noticed the royal phone conversation between Deadly and Axil. Cool cool cool. I like the women's tan and the foldings on their clothes. It's like an actual photograph!! lol
JoeNobody (Jan 15, 2006)
I saw this pop up in the showcase thumbnails. Now I understand understand the title of the more recent "women not doing their hair". :-)
I sure hope it's not the same three women a few years later.
Beautiful job on both.
StrawberryPaintbrush (Jan 28, 2006)
My Stepmom likes this drawing so much that it's the background picture on our computer screen! She says it's her favorite picture on 2draw.
GoldDragonfly (Feb 24, 2008)
O.O woah! so realistic and awesome job! for sure you can go to play now, you can get vecations if you want xD , but hey, not too long , i want see more of your job :P thx for this master piece ^^
prassi (Mar 12, 2010)
ooo ..very natural .great draw .:)
shell (edited Mar 3, 2011)
Lovely scene, great cloth texture.
davincipoppalag (Dec 25, 2018)
back up front
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