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drawn in 2 hours 9 min with PaintBBS
Wisca (Aug 20, 2004)
i hate the geography teacher she took me of 2pts of just because i didn't bring the right Atlas and she imbarist me in the class!!!!!!!
Wisca (Aug 20, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 6 min
Wisca (Aug 25, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 2 min
My Geography teacher this year she is a bicth and she imbaresde me infront of the class!!!!
furyofroy (Aug 25, 2004)
Cordelia_Pink (Aug 25, 2004)
*proof reads the Description part* So you hate your geography teacher... She took 2 points off of you just because you didn't bring the right Atlas and she embarrassed you in the class... is that about right? lol Hmm... I get it now. Well... very interesting picture.
Deformed (Aug 25, 2004)
Hehehee. Bare assed.
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