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drawn in 3 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Aug 9, 2004) — edit
photo ref used
marcello (Aug 9, 2004)
drawn in 3 hours
Sutafani (Aug 9, 2004)
wow,yhis should be on intermedeant....... I like the shadeing and stuff.......
Pence (Aug 9, 2004)
woah! yeah this is intermediant (sp?) worthy. I love the shading.
somebody (Aug 9, 2004)
wow this is fantastic. Whats it doing on beginners board? ;o)
mazi (Aug 9, 2004)
hawtt. though i dont like tge right side of it, i'll let it go this time. looks artsy. but unfinished. shaame.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Aug 9, 2004)
hmmm... so is this one of the places you went on vacation? ahah!!! I love this style of art and I have absolutely no clue how to do it... she is very pretty and you did this really well.
Anna (Aug 9, 2004)
ooo :D I love this style of portraits. Rosalyn did several too. Anyways.. the proportions on her face are spot on. :) Nice work
emmamommalag (Aug 9, 2004)
She's beautiful.. you did a wonderful job on this.
davincipoppalag (Aug 10, 2004)
Now THAT's what I'm talkin about! Shes a beauty Marcello.. I hope she's someone you know. (See.. good pictures can be on ANY board (ps.. He's the boss..note the file size on this)
damnskippytakn-a-break (Aug 10, 2004)
You should change your name to Re'marc'able you seem to be so very gifted. I swear I thought u managed to squeeze in a jpg of someone on this one! I bow to your liege.
staci (Aug 10, 2004)
love this style..great work
ami-kitsune (Aug 11, 2004)
She looks like someone I know.... ^^

Very beautiful! How on earth do you get it to look so smooth? Must see more....
bumpinthenight (Aug 12, 2004)
sweet!! man, you should draw more often in this style... you're awesome!! great improvement from a few of your last... woo...
Justin_Sane (Aug 16, 2004)
Very Simple yet effective nice
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