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drawn in 4 hours 57 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 25, 2004)
Mine always got stuck and wouldn't come out when I cranked that handle thingy and I had to pry open the box and I hated him so I pulled him permanently out so he was Jack out of the Box and so this one doesn't have a handle. That reminds me, my "See and Say" toy with the animals always mooed on the cat and barked on the duck and stuff and then the string would get stuck and it wouldn't do anything and this is what happens when you have to put a description on every picture.
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DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 25, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 19 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 27, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 26 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 27, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 27, 2004)
drawn in 9 min
15grifficorntears (Jul 27, 2004)
those scared me so much when i was a kid. they still give me the creeps.
davincipoppalag (Jul 27, 2004)
Well, regardless if he's broken or not, it's a very well done drawing. The colors are rich and you did a great job depicting the fabric parts. Good work.
Gigge (Jul 27, 2004)
I had one and the lid would always pop open but Jack never came out. I guess I scared him. He must have heard about what happened to the other toys, mwhahaha. Just kidding. :)
fleeting_memory (Jul 27, 2004)
I used to have a couple of those things but I had problems getting them to pop too...the lid would come up but the hat of the jester would get stuck on the inside lip of the box and he wouldn't pop out right...can't say I ever got angry enough to pull him out though...nice texture on the carpeting or table cloth...
gloworm043 (edited Jul 27, 2004)
Very cute Cin...I love your Jacko...:)
emmamommalag (Jul 27, 2004)
This is cute and I agree.. great job on the fabric.
Wolfheart (edited Jul 27, 2004)
I never had one... I feel so deprived :(. Great job with the fabric and shading.

Edit: Oh that would explain :X!
Aubrey (Jul 27, 2004)
Yeah as cute as the toy is I think the tablecloth is my favorite part of the picture, you drew everything really well though.
JackSprat (Jul 27, 2004)
This is so cute, and so nicely done! It looks three dimensional, and you've captured the felt so well. More aminal cookies for you.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 27, 2004)
Sprat you're gonna make me fat! (But okay, I want all the ephalumps in the box :)
Supergurl103 (Jul 27, 2004)
nice, dba, love ur drawing ;) this is as pretty as the others ;) lovely doll
rosalyn (Jul 29, 2004)
evil toy..*stabbs*
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