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15grifficorntears (Jul 16, 2004)
hey i'm running out ideas for different dragons. if you give me some ideas i would appreciate it.
Xodiak (Jul 16, 2004)
How about a dragon-maid? Being a woman from the waist-up and a dragon from the waist-down? <:)
davincipoppalag (Jul 16, 2004)
multi-headed dragons!
Gigandas (Jul 16, 2004)
Davinci-You mean a hydra?
Thear (Jul 18, 2004)
hmm...draw different elemental dragons =P (u know, earth, wind, water and fire) it woud be cool ^^
fleeting_memory (edited Jul 19, 2004)
naw he means a multiheaded dragon! bwahahaha besides Hydras are more serpant than dragon-as far as a dragon geeze I dunno I gave you all of my good ideas last time...there's on position that I always found pretty hard, but kinda fun, to draw...have it flying at the top of a curve so that the lowver half of the dragon is visible benieth and then have the wings be where the dragon's body bends and the head and forelegs in front...I dont know if that makes sense but it makes for a pretty awesome drawing if you can do it...good luck with your dragon
Ty854 (Jul 19, 2004)
Try and draw a realistic version of trogdor.
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