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drawn in 2 hours 33 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
11 min
33 min
9 min
19 min
34 min
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17 min
12 min
14 min
Deformed (Jul 10, 2004)
anyone who wants to draw an eye, feel free to memo me and i will put you on the drawers list.
Deformed (Jul 10, 2004)
drawn in 11 min
LovelyLori (edited Jul 10, 2004)
drawn in 33 min
I'm an Oekaki imbecile.... sorry... I don't even get how to find the color you want to use!
Hakkai (Jul 10, 2004)
drawn in 9 min
Guess which eye I did XD
Deformed (Jul 10, 2004)
awesome job so far guys!! Thanks alot for helping!! :)
laurael (Jul 10, 2004)
drawn in 19 min
Here's lookin' at you peeps...
squee (Jul 11, 2004)
I wanna join it
Xodiak (edited Jul 11, 2004)
drawn in 34 min
I like eyes... Hakkai's is very sexy... >:)
I also like the rainbow coloured tear of Lori's eye... it looks very sad though! <:o
Deformed (Jul 11, 2004)
Nice Xod!!
staci (Jul 11, 2004)
drawn in 17 min
Knockoff (Jul 21, 2004)
heheh, my turn :D
Deformed (Jul 21, 2004)
Yay Knockoff!!
emmamommalag (Jul 21, 2004)
drawn in 12 min
There's my contribution.
Deformed (Jul 22, 2004)
Great eyes evryone! Now we just have to wait for ko to draw his!
Thear (Jul 22, 2004)
yup! and i definetly wanna see his eye!! =P
Knockoff (Jul 22, 2004)
Hahah!! I will start it right now! ;)
Knockoff (Jul 22, 2004)
drawn in 14 min
Uhggg. Mine is the worsest up there. Its so small. Im not use to shi ><
Thear (Jul 22, 2004)
Naah! they are all good! =P i think Xod's eye are coolest ^^
Deformed (Jul 22, 2004)
nice job all!!
LEELEE (Jul 22, 2004)
eye see u peeps r great! lol! love all ur eyes.
davincipoppalag (Jul 23, 2004)
Someone is staring at me! I know which one the Turtlemistress did~and mommas is its neighbor!
BlueRitz (Jul 24, 2004)
-O- i wanna draw an eye...that's like all i draw anywaysXD
aznanime93 (Sep 6, 2004)
this is my first drawing that i ever seen on 2 draw net lol
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