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EverDream (Jul 6, 2004)
I've gotten recent slander from someone accusing me of "stealing work"
To clear up this mess here is a DETAILED description of which images I've used referances in~
Images with Referances used and for what reason:
No Strings Attached, lighting done by Noriko Meguro
Persistance, characters belonging to Adele Sessler (fanart)
More than a Cold Stare, (fanart)
Amongst Stones, Advent Children movie still; lighting and pose, no link available
Sleep Sweet Angel, pose and facial structure
Aligez Crong, Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within; bg and lighting
Spring Meadows, grass, lighting and horse
Secret Smile, lighting
*Undefeatable: Good vs. Evil2 Links for background Referances
image 01
Icy Roost, Water and rocks
Last Chance (fanart)
Fight Me? (fanart)

images done recently WITHOUT referances
Rain is Cruel
Landscapes eh?
My very Own
Life in a Bullet Shell
She loves me, She loves me Not
Randome Cuteness
Fires for thought
Ice Elfish
Lift me Up

My point is, I don't appreciate being called an art theif and I don't see what the big deal was as to the ruckass over one of my art works. Concerning that I did do the mountains, dragon, fire, and angel out of my own head I don't consider this type of slander neccesary and if it is to keep up, then I'm afraid 2draw will be loosing one of it's advanced oekaki artists.
davincipoppalag (Jul 6, 2004)
I certainly hope all this does not lead you to that decision. I , for one, would miss seeing your wonderful work. If someone were completely reproduce a scene someone else had created, and then called it their own, that would be one thing. But simply using pieces of photos, or works done by others as a reference for your own pictures is no different than looking out the window and drawing what you see. To infer that someone is stealing artwork because they may have used someone elses character as a reference for their piece is ludicrous. I would also like to say that the way this accusation was presented was classless, crass , cruel, and ignorant.
concannon (edited Jul 6, 2004)
And obviously, you can't be actually stealing anything, because that involves using the exact image, and everyone knows that you cannot copy and paste into any of the applet canvases. Also, if you're drawing the image, it usually ends up drawn in your own style, even if you are replicating it. And that's not stealing.

I sincerely hope you don't let this force you to remove yourself from 2draw. We would all honestly miss you. Except maybe the idiot that's caused this problem.
Zack (Jul 6, 2004)
This would have been nice to know before, but Dave and VV are absolutely right. You aren't an art thief, or anything close. Are you really going to let one jerk's comments cause you to abandon all of your fans, your admirers (myself included)? That would be a crying shame, because we all love your work, and Gig keeps telling me how nice you are.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 6, 2004)
ED, I am sure that whomever accused you of stealing anything is probably just jealous because they most likely don't possess your talent and can't reproduce anything at all, even if they wanted to. We all refer to something when we create art, even if it is just a memory or a fantasy in our mind. Visceral is absolutely right. Referring to a photograph and reproducing it with an artistic medium is not stealing, and if you refer to an actual drawing or painting another artist has done, you should mention it and give that artist credit to the original, but it still isn't stealing... it's known as a "study" of that artist's technique or style. You can't consider leaving because there are some really ignorant ppl spending time flitting around saying stupid things. You have to stay and that's that. :)
laurael (edited Jul 6, 2004) just keep doing what you've been doing and don't even give all this another wasted thought. Another artist once said that 'all' artists use references of some kind, sometimes it's impossible 'not' to. You have AMAZING artistic talent and a person's jealousy makes them say mean and cruel things sometimes. We all love your pics because YOU did them and that's all there is to it.
Edit: Oh yeah...don't you dare quit coming here because of ONE heckler...don't you do it.
Xodiak (Jul 6, 2004)
Gigandas (edited Jul 6, 2004)
Let me add this ED, think of their harsh comment to be a compliment rather...;) (in that your talent makes them that jealous, they can't help but throw such words at you)
DinoFlorist (Jul 6, 2004)
I like to know when people use references, just for fun, but I would never get mad if you didn't. Your drawings are good enough that it doesn't seem to make a difference whether you use a reference or not. However, on the other hand, why are you threatening to leave? To try to get that guy in trouble or cause some kind of backlash against him (her)? Keep your confidence. Don't listen to people you don't want to listen to, but even if we miss your "advanced oekaki drawings" I'm sure people would get over it.
Kloxboy (Jul 6, 2004)
You're a great artist ED. 2Draw is full of fan art and copied images, yet you're singled out for using some references? why? Because the only way an idiot with less talent can justify your superior work is by accusing you of cheating. They might as well say you used magic and you're a witch. It's all bullshit and you need not tolerate that kind of ignorance.

I've met plenty of people who are just fucked like that, in the end you just have to ignore them, because they won't be at peace until they feel they've offended you or made you second guess yourself. In the end, you're the one with the goods, whether it be your art or just knowing you're the better person, it's not worth your time or effort. As well, the choice words used by that asshole would lead me to think he/she is just a little boy or girl.
Kasha (Jul 7, 2004)
It's true.

I used to go to school with these kinds of people! Even my art teacher accused me of copying stuff. It hurts your feelings for a while, then you realize that people accuse you and jump on you because you're good enough to be mistaken for a pro.

no lie.

plus, it's okay to look at references and draw them. It's a popluar way to adapt to a style you really like. Clox is right. Why is lil punk gonna pin point you? As far as I can see 2 draw is mostly based on fanart anyways. Don't sweat it.
Gigge (Jul 7, 2004)
Well, if the choice is viewing Everdream's work or this snazzy little number originally posted on the advanced board by the flamer,, I'll take ED's work any day. No one appreciates being called names, especially when undeserved. As you can see you're appreciated by many ED. Don't let the misguided words of one kid outweigh the opinions of much more rational, talented and informed users, including your own.
davincipoppalag (Jul 7, 2004)
BTW.. What the hell is fanart?
Xodiak (Jul 7, 2004)
Artwork made by fanatics. Imagine a painter who likes Elvis so madly he/she draws him all the time. Those drawings are fanarts. >:)
Knockoff (Jul 7, 2004)
Like lets say I like a anime show called "somethingblahblehsomething" and there was a character I really liked from the show named "Ldojf". So you decide to draw that character on her. I think thats what Fanart is davinci. Please not me If Im wrong. (Which I am probably)
Aubrey (Jul 7, 2004)
I hope you stay here for a very long time Ever :) and that picture of the clouds you used for a reference is no where NEAR as beautiful as the clouds you came up with based on it. Even if it looked just like picture, like Vamp said.. you still drew it yourself and your style is still involved so who CARES.. it's all art, why can't more people just appreciate it for what it is, outstanding artwork. I think all this controversy is insane.
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