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marcello (edited Jan 27, 2003)
Hey, I'd first like to thank everyone who has brought life to the site and making it a site I'm now proud of. The site has been up for nearly 10 months, and has come a long way since my bugging people to help test it out.

I've been working quite a bit in the small bits of spare time that I have on my new drawing applet, lascaux sketch, and the new site, 2draw v2.0. And I'm hoping you'll get to see 2draw evolve into an even greater site in the months to come.

The reason I'm posting this, is that I was thinking about creating a mascot for the 2draw site. It then occured to me that you might want to design a mascot.

So here we have it, the second official 2draw drawing contest!.

The rules are fairly simple, draw a character (it can be a person, animal, alien, blob, paper clip, or whatever) for the new 2draw mascot. The deadline is Monday, February 10th, 2003.
You can draw on any 2draw board (though probably not asciibbs), and make sure you specify in the title and/or description that the drawing is an entry. (You don't have to draw here, see below.)

Before entering, here are a couple points I should make.
First off, I'm not sure if a mascot would suit 2draw at all. It may simply not fit to have one.
Second off, there is no physical or monetary prize, but you get free ego-boost. ;-)
Third off, if your drawing is chosen as the mascot, you need to allow me to a) use it on the site, b) redraw/remix/repaint the character for different poses, c) sell thousands of t-shirts with your character on it at 1500% profit....
Ok, maybe I'm stretching it on the last point. But you should understand that it would kind of be a let down if someone makes a totally cool mascot for 2draw that can't be used on it!

Notes as of January 27th:
You can enter as many times as you want, but don't enter something you don't like!
You aren't required to draw it on 2draw, just make sure you upload the image to the web somewhere (instead of sending via e-mail), and post the link here.

Most importantly, have fun!!
coffeejelly (edited Jan 26, 2003)
thank you marcello for this wonderful website! i am looking forward to oekaki-ing with lascaux sketch ^^

i will definitely take part in the contest if i have the time!! do we need to draw the full-body for the mascot??

did you code lascaux sketch from scratch?? i am really amazed by these powerful little applets :)

btw i thot two weeks from today will be sunday february 10th, 2003?
marcello (edited Jan 27, 2003)
Thanks, I was kinda dead last night when I wrote that all. ;-) Hell I even looked on a calendar, but obviously forgot in the 3 seconds after I closed it.
And yes, I coded it from scratch.
rydicanubis (edited Jan 27, 2003)
agree with crisann, you created a great site! for the contest can we enter more than once?
marcello (edited Jan 27, 2003)
By all means! Since the objective is to get a good mascot, the more the merrier. ;-)
ArchMageZeratuL (edited Jan 27, 2003)
My entry:
Come'on berks, I wanna see some competition!
pinklynx (edited Jan 28, 2003)
well, here is another mascot entry: XD ;3
marcello (edited Jan 29, 2003)
Wow, that rocks. :-) Some great stuff being submitted. I was doodling my own entry in class, I'll have to try cg'ing it...
For those of you who missed it, I'm keeping a list of all entries.
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