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drawn in 3 hours 17 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Texan Vixen
Anna (Jun 2, 2004)
The kinda windmills that we've got here in Texas :D
Anna (Jun 2, 2004)
drawn in 19 min
Anna (Jun 2, 2004)
drawn in 38 min
Anna (edited Jun 24, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours
Done. I like it. I was mad when I drew this one. Maybe I should be mad more often. ;) By the way, this one is for Garth.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jun 2, 2004)
Yes ma'am it shore nuff is. :) You know what to do when you get pissed, slam a coupla shots of something, howl at the moon... always works for me. I like this. :)
Garth (Jun 2, 2004)
Thanks a lot buddy. It's really well drawn. You're getting pretty damn good, huh? Nice clouds :-)
emmamommalag (Jun 3, 2004)
I love this, Anna. Your windmills look just the same as ours. Texas ones are probably bigger, though. lol
Thear (Jun 3, 2004)
woow! it's so realistic! =P Great job!
davincipoppalag (Jun 3, 2004)
Great job mizz anna! We don't see these around these parts much, but I remember them all over down south.. is that OUR Garthy???((Garthy!))
DMV (Jun 3, 2004)
WOW! that all I can say :)
Coolsoft (Jun 3, 2004)
Very Realistic! reminds me of photographs from pre-1930's.(the colors)
Anna (Jun 3, 2004)
:) Thanks y'all! Coolsoft: Yep, I love the effect that these colors give! I was goin' for the oldies look. :)
Kasha (Jun 3, 2004)
hehe, you and DBA are drawing texas things. Sounds fun! I'll probably find something worth drawing in Houston

anyways the colors really do give off that old look. I really enjoy pictures with warm colors. THe windmill! I've lived in Texas all my life but I've never seen a windmill before. I probably have but I don't remember.
EvilPie (Jun 3, 2004)
arrrh some scenrey, just wanted I wanted to see!!!
see ya not bad at it ;)

Good work.
Anna (edited Jun 3, 2004)
drawn in 19 min
Made some much needed touch-ups to the blades. Thank you to method3 for givin' me the extra space. :)
laurael (Jul 2, 2004)
Great colors and style on this one. Can you do an armadillo? I've always wanted to see one of those.
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