forums2draw.netone of my drawings was deleted?
DMV (Jan 31, 2004)
can anyone help? I had done a drawing and titled it "what else is there to say?"
I had 3 versions and submitted all of them, and i clicked finished and i even got a comment from someone. but now it's gone and i have been penalized for in points? but I just need to know if I can get my drawing back...thank you for anyone who can help.
Zinc (Feb 1, 2004)
If you're confused about why it was deleted, check your point history. Bringing your drawing back is possible (provided that it really does deserve to be brought back), but not by the powers of a moderator. (Hint: Try Marcello.)
DMV (Feb 1, 2004)
Thank you Armando for your response...I think it desevres to be brought back, cause there are other drawings that I have,I would not mind deleted LOL! but I will look into my point history. again thank you for your response
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