forumsdrawing discussionBeen a bit since I've browsed! an art question though....
Lilbunni_is_drawing (Mar 5, 2024)
How do y'all make your character poses fluid? I am really working on making my art, especially my character's positions, less stiff. And have you ever dealt with trying to make a fluid pose and they never look right? lol
PlainJerzel (Mar 5, 2024)
Looks at your characters
What are ya even talkin' about?? Ur characters don't look stiff at all to me!
But to answer the question: I would just say maybe make the limbs a bit more curved, and me personally, I like to have my characters in some sort of jump pose or in the air

susu (edited Mar 6, 2024)
Idk. Depends on what you’re drawing. The best way to make characters not look stiff is changing the angle so they arn’t front facing. Off 2draw, I draw mostly robots, so i do have a problem as well with stiffness! To avoid stiffness (when i don’t want it), Drawing things out with curves can make it less viscous. If there a person with cloths, adding creases, ripples, and baggier clothing can help ALOT!

I’m making a draw comparing unsmooth vs smooth. Check it out?
Lilbunni_is_drawing (Mar 18, 2024)
Thank you both! it's very helpful! and I will check out your drawing, susu :}
susu (Mar 24, 2024)
shell (Jun 20, 2024)
wait, what?
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