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buffaww (Feb 11, 2024)
iT WAS MEANT TO BE A JOKE CARTOON,JUST A SKETCH,AND IT IS VERY ROUGH.But my opinion is that my cable tv is really bad,Xfinity is bad;and they just raised the price,Ugh--all those channels and there's nothing to watch!!But I can't get the Dish,my trees are too tall for it.I watch 2 channels;"COMET TV"WHICH IS SCI-FI AND HORROR,, AND "METV"--which is all old tv shows of the best of the past.TONS of westerns.I watch that all SAat. night, they have sci-fi and horror old tv shows.--Only other good thing is,I got Turner Classic Movies--which is getting very dissappointing now.I might dump it,I can get all old movies online.I even saw "Barbie"online for free.--Great movie,which got snubbed at the Oscars--shows you just what the Oscars are worth now,NOT much!Ever since The Godfather it's been down hill.."Barbi"was really good,and it was completely avoided.I advise people to get good anti-malware,and cruise the Net for movies.--My cable tv from Infinity is TERRIBLE;so much JUNK,and you have to BUY EXTRA CHANNELS--FORGET IT!!sCREW hulu.--SCREW XFINITY!!MONSTER MONOPOLIES!! i HATE IT.rtONS OF JUNK.,AND NOTHING TO WATCH.--i wind up watching old Family Guys and The Simpsons cause there is NOHInG to watch.--So that is what this crudely made cartoon is about/.--Cable tv does suck.---Hopefully, Xfinity would collapse when the "crash" comes and we all have to get anntenae tv again.--Heck, old antennae tv used to be good!!WRITERS existed!!Even old "made for tv movies" were good.(You probably know about the Internet Archive, its got SOME old movies,and lots of badly filed and organized stuff-much junk.Even porno.I miss old Oekaki websites a LOT.--tALK about very talented youngsters and friendly artists!!!Boy do I miss em!!I hope people here stay friendly and don't fight.BYE!!!GOOD PAINTING TO YOU!! :)
buffaww (Feb 11, 2024)
drawn in 3 hours 29 min
PlainJerzel (Feb 12, 2024)
Everyone now users streaming stuff instead of cable or DVDs, which probably makes cable like rare or smth
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