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drawn in 1 hour 38 min with Kleki
52Hertz (Jan 15, 2024)
52Hertz (Jan 15, 2024)
drawn in 46 min
luv2 (Jan 15, 2024)
Welcome, Looks like a cold, windy winter day among the conifer trees, nice job.
52Hertz (Jan 15, 2024)
drawn in 51 min
m190 mouse
dingaling (Jan 15, 2024)
This is beautifully done <3
Lilbunni_is_drawing (Jan 16, 2024)
buffaww (Apr 10, 2024)
Yes, its gorgeous; this I would want a copy of to hang on my wall. Now, I do appreciate all that extreme reality(especially of people)--type painting.--Stuff like photos. But I really admire this painting a lot more than the "extreme realistic."--Reason being, if you want extreme reality, taking good photos is the best option. --But making something BEAUTIFUL of our world, I feel is a lot more like "art."--Reality can be very gruesome and stark; take this picture, being out in a cold forest in winter like this would be awful, in reality.--freezing,harsh, out with wolves ect. But making the same picture BEAUTIFUL ,showing the ethereal magic of nature does take more talent, sensitivity and feeling. . --That's just my opinion. And not everyone can show the beauty of nature as well as this. Wonderful!
madscientist111 (Apr 10, 2024)
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