boardsbeginnerFireheart just, sitting
100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 49 min with Kleki
---Luna (Oct 25, 2023)
So like my first post
---Luna (Oct 25, 2023)
drawn in 49 min
PlainJerzel (Oct 25, 2023)
They're just sitting there, menacingly...

In all seriousness cool! Welcome to 2Draw!
---Luna (Oct 25, 2023)
Nah hes depressed now with the responsibilities of being deputy lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 25, 2023)
beautifully depressing

Welcome to 2Draw darling. <3
kik (Oct 26, 2023)
gotta love fireheart ^^
---Luna (Oct 26, 2023)
Hes one of my favorites <3
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