boardscollaborations... <Unfinished>
100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 2 min with Kleki
2 versions
41 min
4 versions
21 min
V4MPFaiRy (Sep 6, 2023)
V4MPFaiRy (Sep 6, 2023)
drawn in 31 sec
RUSSIANFOXX (Sep 6, 2023)
drawn in 2 min
susu (Sep 6, 2023)
Don’t wat to be that guy but the lines crooked. You can us the snap tool for lines to get it even, or use the grid tool and have it set for one line.
AmigeEctordiss (15 days ago)
next thing you know there'll be a machine, shiny golden gleam, chrome and clean, yes-sir-e
RUSSIANFOXX (15 days ago)
bro got the rhymes frfr
RUSSIANFOXX (15 days ago)
drawn in 24 sec
oke it str8 now
RUSSIANFOXX (15 days ago)
drawn in 15 min
V4MPFaiRy (14 days ago)
drawn in 40 min
Finished mine ^°^
RUSSIANFOXX (14 days ago)
fuck i still need to finish mine lol
RUSSIANFOXX (11 days ago)
drawn in 2 min
aaa i lost my stylus pen omfg
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