100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 3 hours 57 min with Kleki
kik (Jul 30, 2023)
Just finished this but it won't let me update it so..... here's the rough one instead??
kik (Jul 30, 2023)
drawn in 3 hours 39 min
elly (Jul 31, 2023)
I'm having the same issue only I'm using chicken paint...this draw has nice perspective. Welcome to 2Draw
kik (Aug 5, 2023)
drawn in 18 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 5, 2023)
How did you get the sparkles on the choker? I use the same applet and I dont even know how to do that.
kik (Aug 5, 2023)
Lol there isn't a sparkle tool ^^ I just put some spots of pink (some bigger and smaller) and added a softer brush for the glowy effect :)
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 5, 2023)
das real kewl mane.
yellow.nutella (edited Dec 17, 2023)
Kik, I want to devour your art, my heart ugh! She's my favorite vocaloid frr
kik (Dec 17, 2023)
oml shes amazing
but her new CI design is kinda bad (TuT)
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
We don't talk abt those designs, they are nonexistent in Ba Sing Se 😇
kik (Dec 18, 2023)
lol and u watch avatar 😭 <3
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