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drawn in 5 hours 16 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jul 19, 2023)
Well, this is the last version that will save of this piece. I did finish it and screen shot it before closing it out because I knew it wouldn't save the last version. If this works, here's the finished piece... I don't think the link worked...trying again..
elly (Jul 19, 2023)
drawn in 3 hours 53 min
elly (Jul 22, 2023)
drawn in 1 hour 22 min
Rosemary (Aug 3, 2023)
Oh wow this is absolutely gorgeous elly! Such a shame it’s playing up and won’t let you finish
susu (Aug 3, 2023)
I love the watercolor effects you add to all your drawings making them feel like paintings. It makes them feel much more lifelike.
kik (Aug 10, 2023)
A very artistic take on a flower ^^ how did u do the water color-y effects? I think it looks rlly cool :)
elly (Aug 10, 2023)
Thanks kik! I used a blend of the watercolor brush and airbrush...I wasn't sure if I had a watercolor looking effect after looking at it so many times. I only wish my final version had saved....sigh
dingaling (Aug 27, 2023)
elly belly! This is so beautiful, you're an amazing artist ya know!
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 29, 2023)
ooooh pretty flower
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