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drawn in 10 hours 12 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jun 6, 2023)
elly (Jun 6, 2023)
drawn in 57 min
elly (Jun 16, 2023)
drawn in 36 min
elly (Jul 3, 2023)
drawn in 8 hours 37 min
elly (Jul 10, 2023)
drawn in 7 sec
Just having fun pulling out some images that I see....otherwise, it's junk
Kloxboy (Jul 11, 2023)
Looks painterly. It's like a sky full of cotton candy.
dingaling (Jul 16, 2023)
I see a skull and a shoe.
CoffmanXXX (Jul 16, 2023)
I adore the painterly look! It's like a fluffy vortex of rainbows ~ 🎔
elly (Jul 16, 2023)
Thanks Y'all! There are 3 elephant heads, a dogs face blowing smoke, a shoe, a small soaring bird, profile of old man, a unicorn, waterfall, a pyramid and mountains...the version that didn't save also had a pair of glasses and a tornado....LOL!
Rosemary (Jul 17, 2023)
Wow I love this elly
RUSSIANFOXX (Jul 17, 2023)
WHEUH. Very colorful and abstract. I love it! <3
elly (Jul 17, 2023)
Thank you Rosemary and RUSSIANFOXX, for your means a lot!
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