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RUSSIANFOXX (Apr 15, 2023)
random question: should i make a series on where i turn phobias into characters? cus im already planning to do entomophobia (fear of bugs)
deunownartist (Apr 22, 2023)
yea you should <3
KimBoehm (edited Apr 27, 2023)
If you feel that this topic might be interesting and useful to you and your audience, then why not? Creating a series on this topic can help you sort out your phobias, as well as help other people who are also facing similar problems.
AmigeEctordiss (Apr 27, 2023)
Try sedatephobia (fear of silience)
RUSSIANFOXX (Apr 27, 2023)
yes : - )
Irishfox (Apr 29, 2023)
I'm stealing ur idea :D (ill uhh Credit you and ill do a diff phobia)
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