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drawn in 2 hours 57 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jan 27, 2023)
elly (Jan 27, 2023)
drawn in 2 hours 41 min
elly (Jan 27, 2023)
drawn in 16 min
luv2 (Jan 28, 2023)
I love eagles, this one is fairy dusted with soft pastels. Nice!
elly (Jan 29, 2023)
Thanks luv, I like the blk&wt version better
Rosemary (Feb 1, 2023)
Beautiful, I love both versions of this ..we have white tailed eagles and golden eagles where I live but they are the dark, sleek looking sort ..yours looks so fluffy
tollstrup1693 (Feb 7, 2023)
Awesome job
Cursed_Kennedy (Feb 8, 2023)
pretty cool
carmen_s (Mar 18, 2023)
Excellent! I am impressed!
elly (Mar 29, 2023)
Thanks so much, carmen_s!
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