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drawn in 4 hours 42 min with Chicken Paint
luv2 (Jan 17, 2023)
luv2 (Jan 17, 2023)
drawn in 3 hours 13 min
luv2 (Jan 18, 2023)
drawn in 1 hour 26 min
luv2 (Jan 18, 2023)
drawn in 2 min
dingaling (Jan 18, 2023)
Really great real looking
elly (Jan 19, 2023)
Beautiful fur and very realistic! You're really getting good at this!
luv2 (Jan 19, 2023)
Thanks, dingaling and elly, I'm still learning. It's interesting to see how each app works with opacity and brushes.
Kloxboy (Jan 24, 2023)
Cute. Reminds me of my dog, Barney, from years ago (when he was a puppy). Nice work.
luv2 (Jan 27, 2023)
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